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3D Print Services

Visualization is a key component in any educational experience. 3D printing is capable of providing a tangible, palpable object not only for visualization but for tactile confirmation of intricacies in construct and property dynamics of surface quality. A variety of printing materials are available depending on the need and end use of the model. Additional post-printing preparation of the model involves sanding, smoothing, and painting to accentuate the properties of the model and to create a more accurate representation of the object. What better way to enhance desired knowledge in our educational than to experience as close to reality, with a 3D printed model.

We offer a wide variety of services to create your 3D model through to the final finishing.
A list of services we offer along with general rate references are outlined in the table below:


All segmentation, modeling and print services vary by project.  More specific project costs can be obtained by filling out a 3D Project Estimate Form.

 3D Model Printing Services: Printing of a customer provided (previously created) 3D print file.
    Cost: Dependent upon printer and materials used as well as pre- and post- print processing time.

Digital 3D Modeling: Custom digital 3D model creation.
    Cost: $90/hr (minimum of one hour)

Anatomical Segmentation: Custom 3D digital model creation from patient data sets.**
    Cost: $90/hr (minimum of one hour)

Pre-Print File Preparation: Wrapping of model to ensure no holes, making sure geometry is within print parameters, and applying support scaffolding or flanges.
    Cost: $20/10 min

Post-Print Model Production: Scaffolding removal, model sanding, and smoothing.
    Cost: $20/10 min

Printed Model Finishing: Final after print modifications such as additional paint colorization and display mounting.
    Cost: $90/hr (minimum of one hour)

Modeling/Print Consultation: Advice and solutions for potential 3D print projects or assistance with existing ones.
    Cost: Dependent upon staffing required for consult.

Last Updated: 5/9/24