College of Engineering

Roy and Marcia Armes Engineering Leadership Institute


Student members of the ELI are committed to: 

a) actively engage as members for least 4 academic semesters of membership in ELI depending on their co-op and/or academic plans. [Note: An academic semester of membership is an academic term where the student is on-campus for classes as a full-time student. ELI members will not be required to participate in ELI activities during the cooperative work experience semester; however, will be given the opportunity to do so if their schedules permit. The cooperative work experience semester will not count towards the required academic semester of membership in ELI.] 

b) serve as UToledo Engineering Ambassadors at various activities and events within the College as invited by the Dean of Engineering or designee and participate in discussions at events. 

c) attend all the receptions hosted by the ELI and further accept that only under extreme circumstances will your absence be excused. Any such excused absence must be granted by the Dean of Engineering prior to the event. 

d) participate in all self-evaluation exercises, screening evaluations, and team-building exercises organized by ELI. 

e) share experiences and knowledge learned through the institute with other students, faculty, and staff in appropriate forums. 

f) demonstrate the skills acquired from the ELI through a significant, special project during the senior year. A proposal for such a project must be approved by the Dean of Engineering no later than the beginning of the 4th academic semester of ELI membership. [Note: This could be incorporated into a senior design project or Honors Thesis.] 

g) submit a professionally compiled, brief activity report during the last week of each academic semester of ELI membership.

h) commit to adhere to the honor code, policies, and practices of the ELI as they evolve and are implemented.

Last Updated: 2/3/23