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Welcome to the web site for the Information Technology (IT) program. The IT program is a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program offered jointly by the College of Engineering (COE) and the College of Business and Innovation (COBI).

The Information Technology program prepares students for positions as information technologists providing operational and infrastructure support for computer and information systems in business, manufacturing and institutional organizations. The curriculum emphasizes both content (an understanding of computers and computer systems) and context (the organization in which the computers are being used). The technical coursework from the College of Engineering was selected to provide IT students with a broad base of core computer-related technical skills and knowledge. The coursework from the College of Business and Innovation was selected to provide organizational perspective, management expertise and a contextual understanding of the user’s perspective.

The IT curriculum was designed with the five pillars of information technology in mind. These include:

  • Programming
  • Networking
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Databases
  • Web Systems

Courses or parts of courses in the IT program of study are devoted to topics that correspond to each of these pillars as well as the overarching topics of professionalism and information assurance & security. Every pillar has multiple courses that address that pillar's core topic. Advanced courses (usually upper-division courses) build on the IT fundamentals covered in the lower-division courses. Both technical and professional development electives are available to allow students to focus on areas of their own interest.

Program Focus

The IT program provides students with an in-depth understanding of computer infrastructure including both hardware and software. However, IT students are more than simply technically competent. The computer-related courses provide students with the technical expertise needed to function in a professional environment. The business-related courses allow IT students to "speak business" – that is, to advocate for the organization and/or the user and better understand the overall operation and mission of the organization. The general education core courses help students to broaden their range of experiences and to cultivate their potential for creative expression and livelong learning.

In keeping with other programs in the Engineering Technology Department, the technical courses that are part of the IT program focus on applications and hands-on topics. Students complete coursework with a focus on user advocacy, system administration and integrating existing technologies rather than inventing new ones.

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Last Updated: 10/2/23