Bachelor of Science in Recreation Therapy

Program Description

Recreation therapy is a four-year program. In your first two years, you complete prerequisites and introductory recreation therapy courses.

In your sophomore year, you apply for admittance into the two-year “professional sequence” of the program. Admission is competitive. In this portion of the program, you complete upper-level recreation therapy classes and gain professional clinical experience through internships.

All recreation therapy courses are online, everything from your introductory courses to your upper-level classes. This means that your final two years of course work will be entirely online. Clinical experiences are available all over the country for students who live outside of Toledo and choose to live at home their last two years.

NOTE: You can earn a bachelor’s degree in recreation therapy entirely online, starting your freshman year. Or if you’ve already begun course work for a bachelor’s degree or have an associate’s degree in a related field, you also may be able to complete your degree in our recreation therapy program.

To discuss these options, contact program director Holly Eichner or advisor Mr. Douglas Maas.

Last Updated: 7/13/23