Bachelor of Science in Recreation Therapy

Program Description

Recreation and Therapy Program Overview:

Students enrolling in Division's Recreation Therapy (RECT) program receive an education designed to prepare them for employment in the areas of Physical Rehabilitation, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Geriatric Services, Pediatric Services, Camps for Individuals with Disabilities, Community Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities and Centers for Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities.

Students will complete one or more of the following tracks as part of their Recreation Program of Study:

  1. Pre-Occupational Therapy
  2. Concentration in Therapeutic Arts
  3. Geriatric
  4. Pediatric
  5. Communication
  6. General (created with faculty adviser)

Students wishing to major in the Division's RECT program enter under conditional status as a Pre-Recreation Therapy major. The RECT student is able to enroll in University Undergraduate Core curriculum courses and Pre-professional Support Courses. After completion of RCRT 1300, 1310, 2300, 3310, PSY 2200, 2510 and HEAL 1800 with a B- or higher, the student may enroll in the Pre-Professional Recreation Therapy Courses (See Degree Requirements).

Acceptance into Professional Sequence requires:

  1. Completion of RCRT 4720 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation, RCRT 4730 Medical Clinical Aspects of Therapeutic Recreation, RCRT 4740 Assessment & Documentation in Therapeutic Recreation, RCRT 4750 Group Dynamics & Leadership in Recreation Therapy and RCRT 4790 Medical and Clinical Aspects in Therapeutic Recreation II with a B- or higher in each course
  2. Completion of 77 semester hours of coursework with a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  3. Completion of 100 hours of experience in Recreation for Special Populations (50 hours will be completed as part of RCRT coursework)
  4. Three letters of recommendation; and
  5. Completion of the Recreation Therapy Professional Sequence Application.

Culminating Experience

Three of the Professional Sequence Courses in Recreation Therapy RCRT 4940 Internship, RCRT 4770 Project Design and RCRT 4780 Project Evaluation are taken after all other Professional Sequence courses are completed.

Inorder to be eligible to enroll in the Culminating Experience courses, a student must demonstrate the following:

  1. Completion of all 27 hours of Pre-Professional Support Courses with a B- or higher grade in each c
  2. Completion of all 15 hours of Pre-Professional Recreation Therapy Courses with a C or higher grade in each c
  3. Completion of 31 hours of RCRT Professional Sequence courses with a C or higher grade in each course; and
  4. Completion of the Internship Application.



Last Updated: 7/29/19