Technology Support for Colleges

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Technology Support for Colleges

College Building Information

College of Arts and Letters

University Hall (UH) 2230
Telephone: 419.530.4991

College of Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services (HH) 3400A
Telephone:  419.530.5312  

College of Education

Gillham Hall (GH) 3000
Carver Resource Center
Telephone:  419.530.2454

College of Business and Innovation

Stranahan Hall (SH) 5007
Telephone:  419.530.4607

College of Natural Science and Mathematics

University Hall (UH) 2230
Telephone:  419.530.4991

College of Nursing

HSC Collier Building (COB) 0409
Telephone:  419.383.5803

College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

MC Wolfe Hall (WO) 1259
HSC Health Education Building (HEB) 150

College of Engineering

Nitschke Hall (NI) 1013
Telephone:  419.530.8240
Last Updated: 5/3/23