College of Law

Libbey Inc.

Name and Location of Externship Libbey Inc. - Toledo, OH
Field Supervisor  TBD
Prerequisites  2L, 3L, 4L; Overall GPA of 3.0 or greater desired
Credit Hours 2-4 fall and spring; 2-6 summer
Minimum Hours Required  10-15 hours/week
Semesters Available Any
Type of Work Student Will Perform Assist in-house legal team on a broad range of legal and regulatory matters. Extern may perform legal research and writing, policy review and drafting; compose routine written correspondence and documents as requested; provide support of merger & acquisition, corporate governance, commercial contract review, regulatory compliance, product compliance, litigation, employee matters, environmental, general corporate, intellectual property, sourcing, and real estate matters.
Type of Placement Available CC

Key for Type of Placement Available:

 PSEC = Public Service Externship Clinic
 V   =    Volunteer
 FWS =  Federal Work Study
 F/S  =  Fellowship/Stipend

Last Updated: 7/7/23