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'Designer' Joint Degree

The designer joint degree program offers you the opportunity to earn two graduate degrees in an accelerated period of study, generally four years. A designer joint degree is customized based on your interests and can lead to the accelerated completion of your law degree along with a degree from another graduate program at The University of Toledo—even if we do not currently offer an established program. It may also be possible to combine study at the College of Law with graduate work at another institution.


You must apply and be admitted separately to the College of Law and the selected UToledo graduate program. The decision to admit or not to admit is based solely on each college's selection criteria. The College of Law cannot guarantee that all UToledo graduate programs will accept law credit hours toward their degree, but we will work with individual programs on your behalf to facilitate an agreement. Only a letter agreement signed by the College of Law and the other department constitutes approval to pursue a designer joint degree.

Tuition & Scholarships

If you enroll in both colleges in any semester, the highest tuition rate will apply to all credit hours taken. We encourage you to explore how a joint degree may impact your financial aid or scholarships. College of Law scholarship funds cannot be used to cover coursework outside of the law school.

Integrated Curriculum

The College of Law requires the successful completion of 89 credit hours to earn your J.D. degree. You may apply up to 12 credit hours completed in the other program toward this requirement, but only if the credits were previously approved by the College of Law's associate dean for academic affairs. Under American Bar Association guidelines, courses for another graduate program must be taken after enrollment in the College of Law to be eligible for credit toward your J.D. degree.


Geoffrey Rapp
College of Law
Sr. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

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Last Updated: 7/31/23