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Media Services Auditorium End User Instructions

General Policies Applicable to all Services

The LaValley Law Library Media Services unit provides various technological equipment and services to authorized users in accordance with the unit's service level policies.

Media Services does not authorize or schedule the use of College of Law facilities. Only the College of Law administration has this authority.

Media Services does not provide non-technological equipment (e.g., tables) and services.

General Policies Applicable to End User Instructions

Media Services or other technological support personnel should consult the operations manual or other appropriate resorces located on the Operational Procedures web page. The end user instructions are neither comprehensive nor appropriate sources for providing class and event support.

The end user instructions are intended to provide end users with simplified instructions for performing common tasks. However, some end users may not be comfortable following written instructions. End users not comfortable following written instructions, or who have questions about the instructions, should contact a Media Services staff member.

End User Instructions for Operating Microphones

  1. Turn on each microphone receiver that will be in use.
  2. Turn on each transmitter that corresponds to the receiver(s) that you turned on.
  3. Check the battery life. The battery indicator is found on the microphone receiver. It is shaped like a battery and can have from one to four marks indicating battery life. Total battery life is between four and eight hours, depending on usage. Three or four marks are usually sufficient. Fewer marks mean the microphone should not be used until the battery is replaced.
  4. Adjust volume using the corresponding channel on the microphone mixer. The labels on each channel identify which microphone receiver has been wired to a particular channel.
  5. Most microphone issues can be addressed by adjusting volume up or down as necessary. If there is outside interference, the microphone receiver needs to be turned off.

End User Instructions for Using PowerPoint

  1. If the podium computer is going to be used, make sure it is turned on.
  2. If the laptop computer is going to be used, hook in the VGA cable (and audio cable if applicable).
  3. The podium switcher (located on the middle shelf) should be switched to 1 for the podium computer, or switched to 2 for the laptop.
  4. Press “PC” on the wireless control panel.
  5. Press “Send to Projector” on the wireless control panel.
  6. If a laptop does not display, use the appropriate function keys on the laptop to toggle between display options.

End User Instructions for Playing a DVD or video

  1. Load the appropriate media in the appropriate player (located in the closet multimedia cabinet).
  2. Press either "DVD" or "VCR" as appropriate on the wireless control panel
  3. Press “Send to Projector” on the wireless control panel.
  4. Use the DVD or VCR controls on the wireless panel as you would use them on a DVD player or VCR.
  5. Adjust volume using the "Program" volume control on the wireless panel.


Last Updated: 8/21/19