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General Policies Applicable to all Services

The LaValley Law Library Media Services unit provides various technological equipment and services to authorized users in accordance with the unit's service level policies.

Media Services does not authorize or schedule the use of College of Law facilities. Only the College of Law administration has this authority.

Media Services does not provide non-technological equipment (e.g., tables) and services.

General Policies Applicable to End User Instructions

Media Services or other technological support personnel should consult the operations manual or other appropriate resorces located on the Operational Procedures web page. The end user instructions are neither comprehensive nor appropriate sources for providing class and event support.

The end user instructions are intended to provide end users with simplified instructions for performing common tasks. However, some end users may not be comfortable following written instructions. If you are not comfortable following written instructions, or have questions about the instructions, please contact a Media Services staff member.

Portable Smart Boards

There are two "portable" Smart Boards. One is normally kept in the computer lab; the other is normally kept in the Stoepler Faculty Conference Room. There are two ways to use them. First, they can be used with the desktop computers located in the portable Smart Board cabinets. Second, they can be used with a laptop computer.

Each has an advantage and disadvantages. The advantage of using the destop computer is there are no extra cables to hook up. The disadvantages are that neither the on-screen keyboard nor the portable keyboard are easy to use. The advantage of a laptop is that it is easier to use a laptop keyboard. The disadvantages are that the Smart Board software must be installed on the laptop and cable hookups restrict laptop placement.

If portable Smart Boards are temporarily needed in rooms where Smart Boards are not permanently installed, please contact Media Services using the LAWAV email account. You may access the LAWAV account through your email directory or by typing "LAWAV" (without the quotes) then typing "" (without the quotes).

Portable Projector

A portable LCD projector is available for checkout to Toledo Law faculty, staff, or students using the projector for academic purposes. If needed, please send an email to the LAWAV email account.


Last Updated: 8/21/19