College of Law

Media Services Computer Lab Policies

General Policies Applicable to all Services

The LaValley Law Library Media Services unit provides various technological equipment and services to authorized users in accordance with the unit's service level policies.

Media Services does not authorize or schedule the use of College of Law facilities. Only the College of Law administration has this authority.

Media Services does not provide non-technological equipment (e.g., tables) and services.

General Usage Policies

The University of Toledo College of Law computer lab is a closed lab.

The computer lab is intended primarily for College of Law instructional training and individual class-related use. A patron using a computer for other purposes may be asked to defer to a patron needing a computer for College of Law instructional training or individual class-related use. Certain instructional trainings may take precedence over individual class-related use.

Individuals who are being disruptive will be asked to cease the disruptive activity or leave the lab. A disruption occurs when an individual's activities interfere with another person's legitimate use of the computer lab.

Service Level Policies

Media Services has limited staffing and provides staffing in the computer lab only when other duties allow.

Media Services will fill printer paper and perform computer maintenance only when other duties allow.

Media Services will provide polite customer service in response to all questions.


Last Updated: 8/21/19