College of Law

Media Services Student Employee Policy

Multimedia Assistant Employment

Ryan will maintain a file on each multimedia assistant. This file will contain written application materials and written performance assessments. This assessment will occur at the end of every semester of employment.

Ryan will meet individually or as a group with multimedia assistants as necessary throughout the semester.

Multimedia assistants may voluntarily end employment by giving one week's notice of resignation. In special circumstances, the one week requirement can be waived.

The following circumstances will result in immediate dismissal:

  • Knowingly misusing the privileges granted to you as a computer assistant
  • Knowingly behaving in an unprofessional manner towards patrons
  • Knowingly providing bad customer service to patrons
  • Lying about any job-related matter
  • Falsification of any job-related record
  • Violating the University Computer Usage Policy
  • Violating the College of Law Code of Professional Student Conduct, if applicable
  • Use of or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol immediately prior to or during a scheduled work shift
  • Theft
  • Gross negligence
  • Physical violence
  • Obscene language when dealing with patrons
  • Any offense for which separation from the University may be an appropriate sanction under the Student Code of Conduct
  • Loss of employment eligibility as defined by University guidelines applicable to student workers
  • Loss of employment eligibility as defined by the Academic Rules of the College Of Law, if applicable

Ryan may choose to meet with the student to determine the facts of a situation. However, if Ryan is satisfied he knows the facts of a situation; he may terminate the student’s employment without a meeting.

The following actions will be cause for dismissal:

  • Failure to improve attitudes, behavior, or performance in a reasonable time after the multimedia assistant has been made aware of the problem(s)

Ryan or any person within the chain of command may terminate a student’s employment.

Ryan will give a job reference under the following conditions:

  • The multimedia assistant was not dismissed
  • The multimedia assistant followed all applicable procedures
  • The multimedia assistant maintained satisfactory job performance

Multimedia Assistant Work Schedules

Multimedia assistants should review their work schedule with Ryan at the end of every week. Assistants will be scheduled within their indicated availability window. Schedules will vary as needs vary. Assistants should let Ryan know as soon as possible if they cannot arrive for their scheduled work times or if their availability window changes.

Multimedia assistants may take one fifteen minute break for every four hours of continuous work without clocking out.

Multimedia Assistant Job Performance

Maintain a professional appearance and professional behavior. Media Services multimedia assistants are among the most visible people in the College of Law. Do not allow your appearance or behavior to reflect badly on Media Services.

Provide polite and proactive customer service.

Maintain a high level of technological expertise. Improve on what you already know. Continue to learn new things.

Alert Ryan of potential policy violations. Do not confront anyone directly. If Ryan is not available and the situation requires intervention, contact Professor Goheen or one of the other library staff.

In an emergency, contact campus police at extension 2600.


Last Updated: 8/21/19