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Student Concerns and Complaints

The administration, faculty, and staff at The University of Toledo College of Law are interested in our students’ happiness and success at the College of Law. If, at any time, you have questions, concerns, or complaints about any matter relating to the College of Law’s curriculum, programs, activities, or the physical space the College of Law occupies, we welcome you to bring it to our attention. You may simply visit, call, or email Associate Dean Rapp to express your concerns.

The procedure below, requiring formal written complaints, only applies to concerns regarding the College of Law’s program of legal education and compliance with the American Bar Association’s Accreditation standards. Even if you believe your concern is regarding the College of Law’s program of legal education or compliance with the ABA’s accreditation standards, we welcome you to meet with Associate Dean Rapp so that we may address the issue as quickly as possible. You are, of course, free to make a written complaint either without such a meeting or after it.

Procedure for Student Complaints Concerning the Program of Legal Education

  1. The College of Law is accredited by the American Bar Association. The ABA Standards for the Approval of Law Schools can be accessed on the American Bar Association’s web page.
  2. Any student who believes that a significant problem directly implicates the College of Law’s program of legal education and compliance with the ABA’s Accreditation Standards may file a written complaint with the Law Registrar’s Office. The written complaint can be sent via email to, hand-delivered at the Registrar’s office, or placed in the Registrar’s mailbox in the mailroom on the second floor of the College of Law. The Registrar will then forward the complaint to the appropriate administrator. The written complaint must identify the problem in sufficient detail to permit the College of Law to investigate the matter and must include: the specific Accreditation Standard(s) at issue, the student’s contact information, and it must be signed by the student.
  3. Within five business days of receipt of the complaint, the Registrar will notify the student that the complaint has been received and will indicate to whom the complaint has been referred.
  4. Within four weeks after the complaint is received, the appropriate administrator will advise the student of any action the College of Law is taking to address the matter or any further investigation into the matter.
  5. Within ten days of being advised of any action the College of Law is taking to address the matter, the student may appeal that decision to the Dean of the College of Law. The decision of the Dean shall be final.
  6. The Law Registrar’s Office will maintain a record of the student complaints and their resolution for 7 years.

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