College of Law

Student Handbook, Rules & Policies

student Handbook

Please take the time to read this law student handbook carefully. It contains the rules and procedures of the College of Law, for which every student is responsible. The handbook also includes information about college offices and services.

Information about the main University's student affairs, activities, policies, and services is available from the UToledo Office of the Dean of Students and at the University Policy website.

Notices from the College of Law and the University will be sent to students via email only. All law students must update their current email addresses within myUT (login required) and should check their email daily.

Exam Policies & Numbers

Visit myUT (login required) to obtain exam numbers. You will be assigned a new exam number each term. Exam numbers are used for anonymous grading, and you should use exam numbers instead of names on all mid-terms, briefs, and finals.

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Law is to prepare students to engage in the practice of law and related professions; to further academic and scholarly excellence; to foster a spirit of community, professional and individual values; and to encourage participation in the life of the university, region, state, nation, and world.

Vision Statement

The College of Law will prepare students for the practice of law by combining a robust and challenging academic curriculum with practical professional skills training that integrates students into the legal community, instills professionalism, and prepares graduates to enter legal practice ready to meet the needs of the Twenty-First Century legal economy. The College of Law will build upon its commitment to excellence, be recognized as one of the top 100 law schools in the United States, and continue its leadership role in the University and the community.

Other Policies

Last Updated: 1/6/23