College of Medicine and Life Sciences

UTCOMLS Staff Recognition Nominations


Appointed by the Dean of College of Medicine and Life Sciences, the Faculty and Staff Awards Committee will be composed of faculty and staff with membership reviewed on an annual basis. The committee members will review the nominations, along with supporting information. They will discuss and complete an evaluation based on award criteria to determine the winners. No committee member who has nominated or written a letter of support for any candidate will be involved in the selection of that specific category and will not be present during committee discussions. The co-chairs of the committee will be the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development and the Director of Administrative Operations who will have an active vote in the selections. The committee's deliberations are confidential. 


  • Full-time and part-time COMLS staff members are eligible for all of the staff awards, with the exception of the Dean's Award for Outstanding Staff Career Achievement, for which only full-time COMLS staff members are eligible.
  • Retired staff members are not eligible.
  • Faculty, senior administration and previous award winners are not eligible.
  • If sufficient nominations are not received for any category, or if candidates do not meet the requirements, the committee will recommend that no award be given.
  • Nominations need to be submitted through faculty and/or staff members of the COMLS


  1. Dean’s Award for Outstanding Staff Career Achievement
  2. Dean’s Award for Leadership Staff Excellence
  3. Dean’s Award for Support Staff Excellence
  4. Rising Star Staff Award
  5. Dean’s Award for Staff Impact 


Click on the tabs below to see criteria for each award.

Dean’s Award for Outstanding Staff Career Achievement

  • A minimum of 15 years of service to the University.
  • Must be a full-time COMLS staff member.
  • Exceptional contributions to the success of their department and the University over a significant period of time. (This award is for career achievement rather than a single contribution.)
  • Highly regarded as an outstanding mentor and role model by colleagues; respected by their peers, 
  • Proven ability to enhance morale and demonstrate enthusiasm for and dedication to the UToledo community.
  • Maintains history of outstanding commitment to service that includes caring and compassionate service to the UToledo community and a passion for excellence.
  • Takes initiative and exemplifies the core values of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences through their interaction with faculty, staff, residents, students and all of the UToledo community.
  • Consistently conducts themselves in a professional manner with respect, appreciation and a positive attitude.
  • Motivates and inspires the people around them to strive for excellence; assists others toward achieving professional goals and achievements.

Dean’s Award for Leadership Staff Excellence

  • Sustained excellence in overall job performance. Regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty. 
  • Exemplary service in leadership positions (committees or professional organizations, officer roles/membership, etc.). 
  • Exceptional participation in professional development opportunities (attends required training based on position description but also is diligent in seeking additional training or learning new skills to enhance professional work performance). 
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities by effectively managing their staff, service, system or work to achieve results.  Creates a culture of excellence for their team.
  • Demonstrates ability to build and support highly organized teams of individuals.
  • Outstanding achievement or contribution in creative solutions to problems that resulted in significantly more effective and efficient operations. 
  • Fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity, which contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of productivity.
  • Leads change or improvements for the benefit of their peers.
  • Inspires and motivates others to take advantage of opportunities that enhance their professional or personal lives.  Provides mentoring and advising to support staff.
  • Empowers others to achieve results in support of their organization or college’s goals.
  • Consistently demonstrates a cooperative and positive attitude. 
  • Must have supervisory responsibilities for at least one direct report.

Dean’s Award for Support Staff Excellence

  • Motivates and inspires the people around them to strive for excellence within the UToledo community.
  • Actively works as a team member who focuses on innovation, continuous improvement and ongoing contributions to The University of Toledo. Demonstrates independent thinking to reach workable solutions to problems.
  • Exhibits a positive commitment and loyalty to The University of Toledo community and demonstrates a high ethical standard.  
  • Recognized as an effective staff member by students, colleagues and supervisors and demonstrates excellent work habits.
  • Consistently exceeds the expectations of the position, performing at a level above and beyond normal job requirements; makes important and significant contributions to their area.
  • Develops procedures, resources, and utilizes good time management to improve the effectiveness of the department and overall operation of the University.
  • Serves people well; caring, compassionate and responsive to everyone.  Displays a positive attitude and genuine interest in the people with whom he/she works as well as internal and external customers.
  • Must not have supervisory responsibilities for any direct reports. 

Rising Star Staff Award

  • 5 years or fewer service to the University.
  • Proven potential early in their COMLS career with a strong desire to grow, advance, and make a large impact.  Demonstrates a quality of performance that indicates they will continue to develop into an exemplary employee.
  • Demonstrates special creativity or ability and shows evidence of a promising future at the University.
  • Exhibits exemplary dedication to the mission of the College and The University of Toledo.  
  • Consistently demonstrates excellence in overall work performance, performing duties at a level above and beyond normal job requirements that results in furthering the University’s mission. 
  • Contributes to the success of other junior staff through mentoring, providing advice, serving as a positive role model, sharing information and ideas to help others achieve their goals while promoting a team mentality.  
  • Demonstrates a passion for their work and the institution with consistent engagement while exemplifying professionalism.

Dean’s Award for Staff Impact 

  • A minimum of 3 years of service to the University.
  • Demonstrates good character through conduct within the department and in the community.
  • Champions volunteerism and service within the University going above and beyond by taking on additional challenges.
  • Volunteers for initiatives providing service to others within the university community and beyond.
  • Work outcome results in meaningful positive impact in communities in Northwest Ohio and beyond.
  • Creates, develops, and participates in unique, high impact volunteer initiatives or programs which help foster goodwill for The University of Toledo COMLS.
  • Promotes improvement of direct departmental culture, service or responsibilities through collaborative teamwork within The University of Toledo and community.  
  • Collaborates across units and finds solutions to make the workplace better for us all.


  • These awards will be presented at the College of Medicine and Life Sciences Faculty and Staff Recognition Reception.
  • Photographs of each recipient will be displayed on a plaque in the lobby of Mulford Library for a period of one year.


  • Any faculty or staff member of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences can make nominations. Students, student groups and residents are encouraged to participate in the nominating process by providing supporting information.  All nominations must be made through a COMLS faculty and/or staff member which includes our faculty colleagues at ProMedica and AHEC sites.
  • For each nomination, an updated résumé and 200 word recommendation MUST be submitted through the online form below.  Updated résumés should be obtained from staff member's supervisor.
  • Select only one category for which to nominate the staff member. 
  • If your nominee is selected as a candidate for this award, you may be contacted to supply further documentation.
  • Nominations from more than one source strengthen the case for candidates.  However, the number of nominations is not, in itself, a sufficient criterion for receiving the award.

Nominating Process:

  • Notifications from the Dean to solicit nominations are emailed to all faculty and staff members in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences followed by email reminders.  
  • Nominations are accepted via web form below. 
  • All nominations are confidential.  Staff members should NOT be notified of their nominations.
  • The COMLS Dean’s Office will arrange for the selection committee to meet in a timely fashion prior to the Faculty and Staff Recognition Reception and have all nominations and supporting materials available for the committee to review in advance of the meeting.
  • The Selection Committee Chairs will present the Committee’s recommendations to the Dean, in writing, immediately after the voting is completed.
  • Recipients and their supervisors will be notified by the Dean’s Office.

The deadline for nominations was:

Extended to Friday, June 17, 2022

Last Updated: 6/29/22