Bioinformatics Program

brim course

UToledo course #: BRIM6200 - 3cr

Prerequisites: None, however previous completion of BIPG5100 (Fundamentals of BPG) is recommended, particularly for students who do not have a good background in molecular biology.

Offered:  Spring semester.  Mon./Thurs., 10:00am-12;00pm, Room 127HEB

Course Directors:  Unit 1: Dr. Alexei Fedorov; Unit 2: Dr. Kathryn M. Eisenmann

Summary:  This course is team-taught by instructors from The University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University. The course is blended, with both face-to-face and pre-recorded online lectures. Students will be familiarized with the nature and discovery of biomarkers, how the diagnostic value of these potential biomarkers is validated, and how their clinical use is implemented. The role of biomarkers in developing individualized medical approaches will also be discussed.

Grading: The grade will be determined entirely by performance on projects assigned and graded by each instructor.

Homework: 30%
Labs + Activity: 10%
Mid-term Exam: 30%
Final Exam: 30%

After completion of the BRIM course, please click on the link above, print out the evaluation form, complete and return in anonymously to:

Heather Buska
BPG Program
3105G CCE


FULL COURSE SYLLABUS (PDF format) can be found here
STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES (SLO's) for the BRIM course can be found here

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