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Thesis adviser: Rammohan Shukla/Robert Smith
Education: BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Toledo, MSBS in Bioinformatics from the University of Toledo. 
Research Interests: My main focus has been looking at the transcriptional profile of patients with schizophrenia and performing large scale data analysis. I am also developing software in which I hope to help researchers find new and unique gene sets with the help of Gene Set Enrichment analysis and Text mining for hypothesis driving experimentation. 


Ali Imami (phd) 

Thesis adviser: Dr. Robert Smith
Education: MB BS, Nishtar Medical College (Multan), University of Health Sciences (Lahore), MSBS in Bioinformatics, University of Toledo.
Research Interests: In the Neuroscience domain, I am interested in understanding the pathogenesis of Schizophrenia at the molecular level. In the Bioinformatics domain, I am interested in integrating multi-omics data from "single"-ome data to generate network level insights. I am also interested in developing applications to make it easier for biologists and the general public to make sense of the deluge of data being generated on a daily basis in manageable and meaningful way.



Thesis adviser: Dr. Robert Smith 
Education: BS/in Biology from the University of Toledo 
Research Interests: “Currently studying the relationship between  phagocytosis and neurodegenerative diseases”


Jessica Tschantz (MS - MSBS Pipeline)

Thesis adviser: TBD
Education: Currently a third year student in the BS Biology-MS Bioinformatics pipeline program with a minor in Chemistry at the University of Toledo
Research Interests: Applied research of bioinformatics/genomics in pharmacology


emily crossly (ms-msbs pipeline)

Thesis Advisor: TBDImage preview
Reasearch Interests:


william george ryan (msbs-PhD)

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Robert Smith
Education:william AA Lakeland Community College, BS in Biomedical Science with a minor in Chemistry form the University of Akron
Research Interests: Currently, I'm a member of the Cognitive Disorders Research Laboratory studying "dark" kinases and the importance of kinase networks.

Taylen oasis arvay (ms-msbs pipeline)

Thesis Advisor: TBD
Education: taylenCurrently Pipeline Student BS in Biology/MSBS in Bioinformatics 
Research Interests: research in the Crawley Cell Biology Lab here at UT. "I play violin in the University of Toledo’s Symphony Orchestra, as well as have an interest in pursuing genetic research in the future. "


Gabby vento (PhD)

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Elissar Andari
Education: BS Neuroscience with Minor in Science from Bowling Green State University, MS in Biology from 
BGSU, Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics from BGSU/UT.
Research Interests: Multimodal models of Autism Spectrum Disorder Subtypes using Multiomics approaches



Jennifer Nguyen (phd)

jenniferThesis Advisor: Dr. James Burkett
Education: Research Interests: BSPH in Clinical Trials Research at Kent State University, MS in Biostatistics at Case Western Reserve University
Research Interests: Design multi-omics approach to identify and target genes associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Gene-environment interactions in ASD.


                                                                Marziyeh salehi jahromi (msbs)

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Hill & Dr. Robert Smithmarzi
Education: BS in Biology Mohaghegh University, Iran.
MS in Molecular Biology from 
Tehran University, Iran,
Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine from Shahid Beheshti Medical University, Iran.
Research Interest: Metabolism and Reproduction



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