Bioinformatics Program

online courses

Currently, the following BRIM/BIPG courses offer online lectures:

BIPG5100/7100 Fundamentals in Bioinformatics (3cr)  Fall 1 semester
An introduction to bioinformatics and computational biology, Both theory and practical methods for evaluating and managing biomedical data will be covered. Topics range from sequence analysis to structure prediction. Includes computer laboratory sessions. May be taken concurrently with BIPG 5200/7200 (Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics).  

BIPG5200/7200 Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics (3cr) Fall 1 semester
Application of probability and statistics to bioinformatics analysis. Topics include stochastic processes, Markov chains, statistical basis for DNA sequence analysis, evolutionary models, and statistical analysis of functional genomic data. Includes computer laboratory sessions. May be taken concurrently with BIPG5100/7100 (Fundamentals in Bioinformatics).  

BIPG6400/8400 Applications of Bioinformatics (3cr) Spring semester
Lectures and hands-on activities that demonstrate the application of bioinformatics, proteomics and genomics techniques to solve research problems being studied by selected faculty from UT, BGSU and other Institutions. 

BIPG5400/7400 Bioinformatics Databases (1cr) Summer semester
This course will introduce students to database concepts, design and implementation, using the most popular database formats utilized in biomedical research. The practicum provides hands-on experience with real-world databases. 

BIPG5500/7500 Microarray Data Analysis (1cr) Summer semester
This course provides hands-on training on analysis of microarray data.  Students will learn how to handle and analyze microarray data. Topics covered include preprocessing, identifying differentially expressed genes, classification and presentation of findings. Different platforms of microarray technologies will be covered in this course. 


Last Updated: 8/16/22