Bioinformatics Program

Mining Omics data

UToledo course #:  BIPG5500- 1cr

Prerequisites:  None

Offered: Summer semester.  Lectures posted online.

Course director:  Dr. Sadik Khuder, Depts. of Medicine and Public Health & Preventative Medicine, 419-383-4089,

Summary:  This course provides hands-on training in the statistically-rigorous analysis of microarray data.  Students will learn how to handle and analyze microarray data.  Topics covered include preprocessing, identifying differentially expressed genes, classification and presentation of findings.  Different platforms of microarray technologies will be covered in this course.

Grading:  A written report about statistical analysis of a specific microarray dataset, and a PowerPoint (or equivalent software) presentation, are required.

Text:  There is no required text for this course. All the required materials will be available on the course web site. Readings will consist of original literature, review articles, and R based books (free online).

After completion of the Microarray Data Analysis course, please click on the above link and print out the evaluation form, complete and return anonymously to:

Heather Buska
BPG Program
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FULL COURSE SYLLABUS can be found here.
STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES (SLO's) for the Microarray course can be found here.

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