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Muscle Biopsy

Muscle Biopsy Sample Submission:

Muscle Biopsy Sample Collection:

  • A muscle biopsy should be obtained using a Price muscle clamp.  The biopsy site should not be injected with anesthetic and the tissue should not be repositioned once placed in the clamp.
  • A portion of fresh tissue should be excised from the excess tissue at a cut edge of the biopsy for enzyme histochemistry studies; the fresh tissue should be placed in gauze soaked with saline in a secure sample container.
  • The clamped tissue should be placed in 3% glutaraldehyde fixative once the tissue for histochemistry has been obtained.  The container should have a tightly fitting cap to prevent fixative spills during transport.
  • Notify our Histology Laboratory (Telephone number: 419-383-5229) including method of shipment.
  • Place the specimen container inside a large container packed with crushed ice.  Do not use dry ice to avoid freezing during transport.
  • Send the specimen by courier following biopsy. 
  • Please provide the following clinical information: Patient’s age, sex, and site of muscle biopsy, symptoms, signs and duration (including family history), results of EMG study, other relevant clinical laboratory studies, concurrent disease (connective tissue or neoplastic disease).

Send the muscle biopsy sample and paperwork to the appropriate Specimen Delivery Address.

A PDF version of the complete instructions for tissue collection can be downloaded here.

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Last Updated: 2/12/20