Electron Microscopy Facility 

Diagnostic Electron Microscopy Services

An Electron Microscopy study can be carried out on virtually any tissue of the body; the EM laboratory applies specific protocols to tissues in order to fine tune micrographic imaging for clear ultrastructure analysis.

Common tissues submitted for evaluation of ultrastructures include renal, skeletal and cardiac muscle, lung, as well as respiratory ciliated mucosal biopsies. The Electron Microscopy Facility is fully accredited, certified and licensed; copies of our certification can be obtained via the following links:CLIA; CAP.

If you are looking for submission criteria for diagnostic platelet dysfunction disorders such as platelet storage pool deficiency, please click here.

Instructions for Tissues Submission for Transmission Electron Microscopy

Click on the link below for the tissue you would like to submit. If you have any questions please contact us. All tissue instructions can be found in the Tissue Submission Instructions PDF.

Testing Method: Standard tissue processing methods for Electron Microscopy are used to obtain ideal sections for analysis. 

Specimen Analysis: Direct examination of tissue ultrastructure.

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Last Updated: 8/18/23