Electron Microscopy Facility 

About Us

The University of Toledo Department of Pathology Electron Microscopy Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that specializes in ultrastructural diagnosis of human disease and also provides research support as a university core laboratory.  This facility is located on the Health Science Campus of the University of Toledo. The Electron Microscopy Facility is fully accredited, certified and licensed; copies of our certification can be obtained via the following links: CLIA; CAP.

The laboratory is headed by William Gunning, PhD, who has extensive experience in both diagnostic and research applications of electron microscopy.  Dr. Gunning is a nationally recognized expert in the ultrastructural evaluation of platelet dysfunction disorders with special emphasis on platelet dense granule (delta) storage pool deficiency, a condition that can cause easy bruising and frequent nose bleeds, and that appears to be common in women with clinically diagnosed menorrhagia.  Dr. Gunning also has extensive experience in the ultrastructural evaluation of kidney, muscle, nerve, and neoplastic diseases.  Additional diagnostic expertise is provided by Robert Mrak, MD, PhD.  Dr. Mrak has over 40 years of experience in the ultrastructural evaluation and diagnosis of muscle, nerve, and brain biopsies, and of difficult and poorly differentiated neoplasms.  In addition to our diagnostic work, the laboratory supports research efforts by scientists working in the fields of cancer biology, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, immunology, and neuroscience research.
Last Updated: 7/18/22