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Assistant in Pathology Mission and Goals

The mission of the Pathologists' Assistant program is to provide a comprehensive didactic and clinical educational program to develop well-educated and competent Pathologists' Assistants who are capable of providing high quality, cost-effective, patient-centered healthcare services in a variety of settings.

Goals of the Program

Graduates from the Pathologists’ Assistant Program are assumed to demonstrate the following:

  1. Entry-level competencies necessary for high-quality pathologists' assistants in a dynamic health care delivery system.
  2. An understanding of the principles of scientific inquiry and research design, as well as the ability to apply these principles, to read critically, and interpret relevant literature in order to elevate the standard of care.
  3. An ability to incorporate the basic principles of education and teaching-learning into techniques which benefit the patient and improve healthcare outcomes. 
  4. Attitudes and skills which exemplify a commitment to personal growth and development of the profession.
  5. Attitudes and skills which demonstrate awareness of cultural and individual differences.
  6. An ability to provide evidence-based knowledge in presenting and discussing clinical cases.
  7. Utilize appropriate modern technology to benefit the patient and contribute to the Pathologists' Assistant profession.  


Last Updated: 7/28/22