Urology Residency Program

Puneet Sindhwani, MD, MS

Puneet Sindhwani, M.D., M.S.
Chair, Program Director and Associate Professor, Urology 
K. Kropp Endowed Professor of Urology

Obi Ekwenna, M.D.

Obi Ekwenna, M.D.
Assistant Professor
 Associate Program Director,
Urology Residency Program

Ahmed El-Zawahry, M.D.

Ahmed El-Zawahry, M.D.
Associate Professor
Associate Program Director,
Urology Residency Program

Lauren Hadeed 

Residency & Curriculum Coordinator
Medical students interested in 
away rotations
at the University of Toledo can 
contact the Registrar's office at 419.383.3600. 

The Urology residency training program in the Department of Urology at the University of Toledo is a fully accredited and ACGME certified program. We offer a five-year training program for two residents at each year of training.

Our Educational Philosophy

The objective of the Urology program at the University of Toledo is to train urologists of the highest quality with the knowledge, clinical acumen and surgical skills to care for the entire spectrum of urological disorders.  We believe in a rigorous academic training program with a strong didactic schedule, busy surgical caseload, and a valuable research experience.  Particular emphasis is placed on teaching our residents the importance of establishing strong physician-patient relationships by the priority we place on continuity of care.  We believe that faculty must dedicate themselves to teaching and that residents must demonstrate a strong commitment to learning.  We expect that the residents trained in our program will become leaders in the urology community and that they will practice urology with personal integrity, high ethical standards, and respect for the rights of patients entrusted to their care.

The urology residency training program was established in 1950. The last ACGME site review of the program was in December of 2011, with full accreditation status. The next site visit is in 2022.

Program Description

The University of Toledo, Department of Urology residency training program is a full accredited and ACGME certified program. We offer a five year comprehensive training program. The first post graduate year (R1) of our residency is  spent with 6 months rotating in the general surgery training program. This time is divided into three months of general surgery, and one month each of SICU, Plastic Surgery,  and Colorectal Surgery. The R2 – R5 years are spent in general urology and renal transplantation. Residents rotate through three hospitals and gain experience in all fields of urology including pediatrics and robotic surgery.

The University of Toledo, Department of Urology clinical urological service has been recognized at the national level as being progressive and innovative. It is one of 15 University programs in the United States where renal transplantations are performed by the urology service. We are proud of our certifying board passing success rates. Our program in-service scores are routinely above the national average. Our residents participate in local, regional and national academic research conferences and have won awards for their work.

How to Apply

Applications are received through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service). Interviews are generally held in November. For more information on How to Apply please follow the link.

Contact information

University of Toledo
Department of Urology
3000 Arlington Ave. – Mailstop 1091
Toledo, Ohio 43614

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