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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a permit required? 


Electives requiring permit 

PSCH 709, 713, 716, 719, 750, 751, 760 

Electives not requiring a permit 


When do I request a permit? 

Via email to the coordinator once registration opens

When will I be notified of the status of my permit request? 

Within 24 hours. If the coordinator is out of the office there is no coverage, so notification will occur upon return.

How is the decision to grant a permit decided? 

PSCH 709, 713, 716, and 719 are M4 acting internships. Permits are required because priority is given to the first student who requests it that is pursuing psychiatry as a residency (we know who these students are). Students are asked to rank their top 3 choices in their email. If a student doesn’t get their first choice, their second or third choice may be offered. 

If an acting internship is not requested by a student pursuing psychiatry after 48 hours, we will offer it to other M4s following a different career choice.

PSCH 750 and 751 are M4 away electives. Permits are required because students must first receive approval to apply for the elective. No priority is given.

PSCH 760 is an M3 elective. A permit is required because it is a prerequisite that the M3 has successfully completed their psychiatry clerkship before they can be permitted to register for this elective.

Who is the Clerkship Coordinator?

Micheal’e Hands (






Acting Internship Electives

Last Updated: 2/20/23