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Rocky riding a bike The UToledo Office of Resident and Fellow Wellness exists to provide trainees and their families with the support and resources needed to protect their well-being and mental health.

The Assistant Dean of GME of the program is an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Shaza Aouthmany, who oversees the GME wellness opportunities, which include facilitating access to medical and mental health services as well as providing ongoing wellness programming. Individual residents and fellows can reach out to her at any time as a first stop in identifying the best resources.

Dr. Aouthmany is also available to program directors and faculty who might benefit from input on how best to support the well-being of their residents. Please reach out to Dr. Aouthmany to discuss options for wellness programming and support at

The Office of Graduate Medical Education is committed to ensuring that residents and fellows remain physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy while completing their training program. Residency can be an inherently stressful time, and it is important to know about resources so you can take care of yourself to ensure you get the most out of your educational experience. 

We welcome any suggestions to improve or expand our programs. 

Remember, if you see someone suffering, say something. You may save a career or even a life.

COVID-19 Resources: 

Mental and Emotional Wellness: 

Counseling Serivces: 

Physical Wellness:

Social Wellness: 

Nutritional Wellness

Intellectual Wellness: 

Intellectual wellness encourages active participation in academic, cultural and community activities. Developing new ideas and finding ways to expand knowledge, skills and creating new challenges. UToledo simulation center and the bioengineering campus have partnered up to provide an innovation elective. Contact Dr. Aouthmany for more information on the Innovation Elective. 

Lactation Sites at UTMC, TTH and Flower Hospital: 

  • Toledo Hospital: Martindale Atrium (Outside of the ED) and on the Legacy 3rd floor on the C elevator alcove 
  • Flower Hospital: Located within the LDRP
  • University of Toledo Medical Center: Dowling Hall Room 0254 and Dowling Hall Room 2319

Family Assistance and Child Care Options:

UTCOM Cares: 

Medical students at the University of Toledo are volunteering their time to provide crucial support services to the COVID Response Team, all residents and fellows in Toledo, all physicians in the ED, crucial ICU workers, and more! If you are a healthcare worker in the area that would like assistance, please fill out this formIf you are a medical student that would like to volunteer to help out healthcare workers in need, please fill out this form.


University of Toledo Benefits: 


Well Toolkit

  1. Depression (Presentation, PDF)
  2. Fatigue (Presentation, PDF) + Resources & Screening Tools
  3. Substance Use (Presentation, PDF) 
  4. Suicide (Presentation, PDF)
  5. Burnout (Presentation, PDF)


This new suite of resources designed to promote well-being among residents, fellows, faculty members, and others in the GME community is now available. Visit the website here.

UToledo Rocket Wellness

The Rocket Wellness team is dedicated to serving UToledo employees through a variety of programming and engagement strategies.

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Last Updated: 5/27/21