College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

NSM Instructional and Research Computing (NSMIRC)

Instructional Computer Lab Upgrades (2012)

Over the summer, the Office of Grant and Instructional Student Technology went with a more pedagogical approach and installed 46 laptop systems in the Memorial Field House, room 1240.  More and more instructors are appreciating the features offered by the use of laptops, which are...

  • Better line-of-sight to the student
  • Better line-of-sight for the student to the instructor/screen
  • The ability for the tops to be closed, allowing instructors and student to have better eye-to-eye contact

Also in the Memorial Field House, room 1040 underwent some finishing touches to cable management. This lab was renovated over the summer of 2011, replacing the high standing LCD displays with low standing laptops. 


Last Updated: 6/30/19