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Contributor: Steve Moder

 Contributor Steve Moder

About the Display: This display features:

  • A uranium glass shot glass (donated by Lindsay Young) - although marketed as uranium glass, this glass is actually just colored to look like the real thing
  • A "U" made of uranium glass - created by the University of Toledo's scientific glassblower, Steve Moder. Uranium glass is used in glassblowing when creating a seal between Pyrex and soft glass or Nonex. There is a significant difference in the working temperature of both soft glass and Nonex as compared to Pyrex. The uranium glass acts as an intermediate and the seal is better both mechanically and visually.
  • Uranium ore: naturally occurring form of uranium collected from Elliot Lake

About the Contributor: Steve Moder is a master scientific glassblower at the University of Toledo.

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Symbol: U

Atomic Number: 92

Atomic Mass: 238.02891 u

Electron Configuration: [Rn] 5f36d17s2

Year Discovered: 1789

Discovered By: Martin Heinrich Klaproth

Last Updated: 12/1/23