Office of the Provost

Outstanding Advisor Award

Do you know an academic advisor who...

  • Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills?
  • Educates and empowers students to make informed academic decisions & prioritize their commitments to maximize academic success? 
  • Is knowledgeable about The University of Toledo policies & resources?

If so, consider nominating this individual for the Outstanding Advisor Award.

Nominations will open January 29, 2024. Nominations are due Monday, February 26, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

Previous Outstanding Advisor Award winners are not eligible to receive the award, see list of past recipients.

Outstanding Advisor Award nomination period has closed.

The Outstanding Advisor Award was established at The University of Toledo in 1986 to honor faculty and staff who exemplify excellence in academic advising.  Academic advising assists students in the development of meaningful educational plans that enrich their studies and promote the achievement of life goals.  This award is one way in which The University of Toledo expresses its commitment to this very important component of higher education.

Students, alumni, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to nominate candidates for the Outstanding Advisor Award. Nominees will be notified by the Selection Committee and asked to submit a personal philosophy on advising and either a resume or curriculum vita.

The University of Toledo will honor two Outstanding Advisors.  Each recipient will receive a monetary award of $1,500.

For further information, contact:

Cathy Zimmer 
Director of Academic and Curricular Initiatives 
Office of the Provost

Past Outstanding Advisor Award Recipients

2024  Dr. Jiayong Liu, and Heather Tessler 

2023 Wesley A. Bullock and Dale Pelz

2022 Beth Denzel and Dr. Bina Joe

2021 Dr. Amit K. Tiwari and Robin Van Hoy

2020 Dr. Lorie D. Gottwald and Matt Reising

2019 Nicholas Kissoff and Max Kupresanin

2018 Amanda Seabolt and Dr. Jerry Van Hoy (pg 8)

2017 Rose Marie Ackerman and Matthew Franchetti (pg 6)

2016 Dr. Julie Murphy and Myrna Rudder

2015 Dr. Johan Gottgens and Michelle Sullivan

2014 Adrienne Aguilar and Dr. Lynn Bachelor

2013 Christina Hennen,Dr. Kristen Keith

2012 Michelle Rose, Dr. Linda L. Smith

2011 Dr. Christine Hinko, Dr. Robert Detwiler

2010 Dr.Christina Fitzgerald, Kathy Helmick, Wiona Altic Porath

2009 Chanda Filipek, Dr. David Wilson

2008 Dr. Jeanne (Funk) Brockmyer, Kim Pollauf

2007 Patricia Beckett, Sakui Malakpa

2006 Patricia Komuniecki, Deborah J. Sobczak

2005 Cora Allen, Alice Skeens

2004 Deborah Jones, Elliot Tramer

2003 Marie Johnson-Ham, Nancy Lapp, Sharon Schnarre

2002 Julie Fischer-Kinney, Martin Ritchie

2001 Lisa Bollman, Susan Purviance

2000 Raymond F. Jackson, William P. Mies

1999 Mary G. Ormson, Debra Boardley

1998 Michael Phillips, Kathleen Ferguson

1997 Martha Carroll

1996 Patricia Hoover, Dennis Bowling

1995 Ted McHugh, Barb Roberston (Snavely)

1994 Steven Kramer

1993 Krzysztof Cios, Amos Patterson

1992 Jon Steingass, Dorothy Petee

1991 Mary Sue Cave, Dottie Welch

1990 Thelma Fernades

1989 Fred Andrews

1988 Robert Schlembach

1987 Al Grande

1986 Jim Larson




Last Updated: 7/15/24