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 Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is a resource for UToledo faculty. The CETL seeks to promote excellence and innovation in teaching. It works to create a culture which values and rewards activities that enhance instruction, and ultimately, students' learning.

 UToledo Online

UToledo Online provides world-class educational technologies and support services for UToledo students and faculty.

 Syllabus Development Resources 

These syllabus resources have been designed to assist UToledo faculty with the development of their course syllabi and are intended to provide recommendations based on best practices and to highlight sections to meet university, state and/or federal requirements. Click on this link or title above to access templates. 

 Program Development Guidelines

The process and outline for developing new programs and certificates  at The University of Toledo, for both undergraduate and graduate levels.


Adoption & Insights Portal (AIP) was developed by Barnes & Noble College to solve challenges faced by our higher education partners in the areas of discovering, selecting, and monitoring course material adoptions. Powered by your Student Information System (SIS), AIP delivers a highly personalized, streamlined, action-oriented user experience for faculty, staff, administrators, and academic leadership. With AIP, faculty and staff can easily manage and submit course material adoptions each term.

Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources

Faculty resources for making your course accessible to students with disabilities.


The centralized process of administering  course evaluations and development of 13 core questions was designed to improve the quality of the course evaluation questions used and reflect the University’s commitment to student success.  By providing the course evaluation through an online format, our goal is to improve student access and reduce processing time. Learn more.

Faculty Policies


The Microsoft LinkedIn Learning platform has been implemented to provide a portfolio of course material for employee training and development.   LinkedIn Learning has been adopted by most of the Ohio IUC universities to take advantage of the wide spectrum of course materials both for employees and students.


This is information on how to enter registration overrides in the system as well as how to access your class roster. 


UToledo will continue to support Scantron through AY21-22 and introduce Remark Test Grading fall 2021 to run parallel with Scantron. Learn more as request user access to Remark Testing and Grading. 

  Testing Services

The University of Toledo Testing Services is currently available ONLY to UToledo students, faculty and staff. These services include administration of make-up and accommodated testing, credit by exam, and online placement testing.

 Teaching by Non-Faculty Employees Form  

Per UT Policy #3364-72-14: Teaching by non-faculty employees, full-time staff employees not holding faculty rank are restricted to teaching no more than one course per semester or no more than ten (10) credit hours per year. This form should be completed regardless if teaching inside or outside work hours for any course taught for extra compensation.

A UToledo employee must receive written permission from his/her supervisor, the vice president responsible for the area (excluding the Division of Academic Affairs which would require a second provost signature), the college dean and the department chair in which the course is taught by completing this approval form for each course.

 Thesis/dissertation and independent study Resources

These resources have been designed to assist UToledo faculty with the development of a contract  or syllabus for thesis/dissertation and independent study, where students may earn academic credit for work that does not occur in a regular course format.

Last Updated: 6/3/24