Healthy U Incentive Programs


UToledo is pleased to continue offering all employees, enrolled in Healthy U, an opportunity to incentivize healthier behaviors by participating in a variety of well-being programs. 

Although several changes to the wellness incentive have been made for 2021, Healthy U is committed to continue providing programs designed to help UToledo employees make changes to their lifestyle behaviors that will have a positive and sustainable impact on their health. 

2021 Changes

  • All UToledo employees enrolled in Healthy U for 2021 will have an opportunity to receive a variety of incentives throughout the year, regardless of their medical plan election, by completing certain programs.
  • The wellness incentive associated with the Blue medical plan Health Savings Account is no longer available.
  • Onsite health screenings will not be offered; employees are encouraged to complete an annual physical with their primary care provider.

2021 Incentive Opportunities

  • Annual physical with your primary care provider 
  • Online Health Risk Assessment
  • Healthy U programs throughout the year

To learn more about the incentive opportunities please review the Incentive Flow Chart and Healthy U Incentive FAQs. Details on programs and specific incentives will be released at a later date. 

2021 Incentive Flow Chart                                             Incentive FAQs


Important Dates 

  • Oct. 1-31, 2020: Enroll in Healthy U when completing your Open Enrollment
  • No later than Jan. 31, 2021: Plan to have an annual physical completed in order to earn the incentive
  • Jan. 1-31, 2021: Complete the online Health Risk Assessment 


Questions? Call 419.383.2348 or email



Printable Healthy U FAQs

What is Healthy U? Healthy U is a voluntary wellness program open to all benefit-eligible UToledo employees. Please refer to the Healthy U FAQs for more details.

How do I enroll in Healthy U? During open enrollment, check the box to opt-in to Healthy U.

Can I still enroll in Healthy U if I've already completed open enrollment? Yes.  Please email to manually opt-in to Healthy U.

Is there a fee to participate in Healthy U? No.  Healthy U is a free and voluntary program.

Can I opt out of the program once I've enrolled? Yes.  Since the program is voluntary, you may opt out at any time by emailing

Will my participation in healthy U affect my benefits or employment? No. Healthy U is a voluntary program.  Data collected by Healthy U is used in aggregate form to directly impact the programs that are offered to UToledo employees.

Are onsite health screenings offered? Onsite health screenings are not available for 2020/2021.  We encourage employees to visit their primary care provider for an annual physical.

Will my results from my health screening or any other wellness action be kept by the University? No.  This program is voluntary. No health records are maintained by the University.

Is there an incentive to participate in Healthy U? Participants can earn incentives by visiting their primary care provider for an annual physical, completing the online Health Risk Assessment and participating in Healthy U programs throughout the year.  To learn more about the incentive options, review the Healthy U incentive flow chart or incentive FAQs.


Last Updated: 9/18/20