Employee Wellness Program INFORMATION

UToledo is pleased to offer the employee wellness program to all employees, regardless of benefit status or eligibility.  University Wellness, now part of Rocket Health, is committed to continue providing programs designed to help UToledo employees make changes to their lifestyle behaviors that will have a positive and sustainable impact on their health. 


  • All UToledo employees will automatically have the opportunity to participate in wellness programs. Enrollment during Benefits Open Enrollment or upon hire is not necessary. 
  • The Healthy U program name has transitioned to University Wellness, which is part of Rocket Health.  To learn more about the other services available visit the Rocket Health website
  • Incentive items may include, but are not limited to, things such as gift cards, UToledo Rec Center memberships and wellness related items.
  • The wellness incentive associated with the Blue medical plan Health Savings Account is no longer available.
  • Annual onsite health screenings will not be offered; employees are encouraged to complete an annual physical with their primary care provider or utilize the monthly Prevention Screening Blitz.

Questions? Call 419.383.2348 or email universitywellness@utoledo.edu

Personal Well-Being Tools

We are excited to share some tools that we hope will be helpful to enhance employees' personal well-being.

Fall 2023 Wellness Track

Employees will have several opportunities to earn incentives by completing the Wellness Tracks by the end of 2023.

Track 1: Wellness Incentive: September 18 – October 31, 2023

    • Step 1: Complete the online Health Assessment (HA) provided by Medical Mutual between October 1-31, 2023.
    • Employees who complete the HA by the deadline will be entered into a raffle for the choice of either a
      • Spring 2024 semester Rec Center membership or
      • Fitbit Inspire fitness tracker (model may vary based on availability)
    •  A total of 500 employees will receive an incentive. Raffle winners will receive an email and will choose their incentive. 

Next Steps 

    • Employees currently enrolled in Medical Mutual for 2023 
    • Employees that are not enrolled in Medical Mutual and would like to complete the HA 
      • Will receive a separate email with details on how to complete the elect into participation form by Sept. 15, 2023.
    • Within several weeks, you can expect to receive a letter (mailed to your home address) from Medical Mutual with specific Wellness Portal log in information. Follow the instructions within the letter to create an account and complete the HA. 
    • You will not have access to the HA until you receive your letter. If you don’t receive a letter, please email universitywellness@utoledo.edu 
    • Completion verification will be provided by Medical Mutual, therefore employees do not need to submit any documentation confirming completion of the HA. 

Track 2: Wellness Incentive: October 1 – December 1, 2023

Employees that complete both actions steps in Track 2 by the deadline will be entered into a raffle for either a  

  • Fitbit Inspire fitness tracker (model may vary based on availability) 
  • $50 Amazon gift card (taxable gift) 

A total of 300 employees will receive an incentive. Raffle winners will receive an email and will choose their incentive. 

Please note: Completing Track 1 isn’t required in order to complete Track 2. Employees can complete both Track 1 and Track 2.

Action: 1.

Complete one of the following:

    • Attend a University Wellness prevention screening and complete at least 1 test (options include blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, HbA1c and heel Dexa scan  
    • Complete an annual physical exam* with your health care provider   
    • Complete a prevention appointment* with the appropriate health care provider (i.e., colorectal screening, mammogram, dental cleaning, eye exam, hearing screening etc.)  

Action: 2.

Participate in at least one University Wellness program   

*Additional details  

  • Most insurance plans will only pay for one annual physical or prevention appointment each calendar year. Therefore, you may not be able to repeat certain appointments. You are responsible for any cost associated with the appointment(s).  
  • The University Wellness prevention screening can be completed more than once.   
  • The activities must be completed during the Wellness Track window. Activities completed outside the window will not be counted. For example, a physical exam completed in April 2023, cannot be counted.   
  • Late submissions cannot be accepted to receive the incentive; all deadlines are final.  
  • No paperwork needs to be submitted to show proof of your healthcare visits or other activities. The only requirement is the Wellness Track form.  
  • Incentives will be tracked and processed by University Wellness. Please allow up to 30 days after the deadline to receive your incentive.  
  • All gift cards are taxable, based on this statement by UToledo Payroll.   
Incentive Opportunities

Incentives are available throughout the year by participating in the University Wellness programs, found on our Events page. These incentives are specific to the program and may include items such as fitness equipment, gift cards*, Calm memberships, sleep tools, and other health related items.

*All gift cards are taxable, based on this statement by UToledo Payroll.

Employee WEllness FAQS

What is Rocket Health? Rocket Health is the University campus health services model designed to provide students, faculty and staff with comprehensive and integrated health and wellness services. This new model, centralizes all campus clinical, mental health/counseling and wellness services to ensure coordination and adequate support for all members of the campus community.

What is University Wellness? University Wellness is part of Rocket Health and is dedicated to providing wellness programs and resources for faculty, staff and students. The employee wellness program, formerly known as Healthy U, is now part of University Wellness and the name Healthy U has been retired.

How do I enroll in wellness programs? One of the enhancements as part of Rocket Health is that wellness programs are now available to all faculty and staff. Enrollment isn’t necessary, as all employees are automatically included and eligible to participate in programs they choose.

Do I need to be enrolled in an UToledo medical insurance plan to participate? No.  All employees, regardless of their benefit selection or status, are welcome to participate in University Wellness programs. Some programs, such as WW membership, may be limited to employees enrolled in Medical Mutual.

Is there a fee to participate in the programs? The majority of programs offered through University Wellness are designed to be free of charge to faculty and staff. If there is a minimal charge, it will be indicated in the program description.

What kind of programs does University Wellness offer? A wide variety of health and wellness programs are offered through University Wellness, including online health challenges and healthy lifestyle education seminars, to name a few.  The programs are designed to improve your well-being long term.

How do I know what programs you offer? The best way is to watch for our email newsletter, University Wellness Happenings, which are sent about once a month. Additionally, you can visit our University Wellness website for programs, resources and updates.

Is there an incentive to participate in wellness programs? Participants can earn incentives by participating in individual programs. 

Are onsite health screenings offered? Onsite health screenings are offered September-May via our monthly Prevention Screening Blitz, through a partnership with UToledo Pharmacies.

Do I have to participate in wellness programs throughout the year? All wellness programs are voluntary.  We encourage employees to participate in as many programs as they would like in order to maintain or improve their personal well-being.

Will my participation in wellness programs affect my benefits or employment? No.  All programs are voluntary.  Data collected by University Wellness is used in aggregate form to directly impact the programs that are offered to UToledo employees.


Last Updated: 9/1/23