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Healthy Department Award

Supporting employees throughout the workday by providing an environment that enhances their well-being is an integral part of an engaged and productive campus culture.

Campus departments are challenged to provide an environment which supports the actions or opportunities in the checklist. Departments who consistently offer at least 5 of the actions/opportunities for at least 3 months, will receive the University Wellness Healthy Department Award. Departments that receive the award will be recognized with a plaque and their name listed on the website. Recipients of the award will also be eligible to apply for a mini grant to continue supporting their employee’s well-being. 

  • Offer walking or standing meetings
  • Employees have the option to eat lunch away from workstations
  • Regular 10-minute walk or stretch breaks are encouraged
  • Flexible work schedule is supported
  • Provide opportunities for employees to get to know each other, outside of work projects
  • Promote campus well-being programs and resources
  • Employees feel supported to participate in well-being activities during the workday
  • Office environment promotes and values kindness and gratitude
  • Employees are encouraged to participate in professional and personal development
  • Promote a culture where colleagues check-in with each other to ask how they are doing
  • Provide the Healthy Workday Guide to employees

To apply for the award, submit your checklist via the application.
Award Application

Healthy Department Award-Printable Version

Healthy Department Winners

  • Center for Success Coaching
  • UToledo Police Department
  • Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources
  • Main Campus Grounds
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Women and Gender Studies
  • Department of Cell and Cancer Biology
  • Economics Department
  • Neurology Department
  • Office of Recreational Services
  • Toledo Excel
  • College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Undergraduate Advising Office
  • Academic Support Services
  • EMS Education 
  • Family Medicine
  • Human Resources
  • Department of Emergency Medicine Admin Offices
  • Rocket Solution Central
  • Department of Theatre and Film, Department of Music Central Office
  • Department of World Languages and Culture
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Research and Sponsored Programs
  • University Marketing and Communications
  • Environmental Health and Radiation Safety
  • Office of Student Engagement
  • Office of Legal Affairs
  • Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Units

Healthy Department Mini Grant

Departments that receive the Healthy Department Award are eligible to apply for a mini grant to continue supporting the well-being of their employees.

Mini-grant Guidelines

  • All funds must be spent on items that directly impact the well-being of the department’s employees.
  • The amount of funds a department can request is directly related to the size of the department (see chart).
  • Funds are available to each department once per calendar year.
  • Items will be purchased by University Wellness and then provided to the department.
  • University Wellness is available for consultation if a department would like assistance for funding ideas.
  • The mini-grant application must be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the requested receiving date.
  • All requests are subject to approval by University Wellness and the Approval Committee.
  • Funds are not to be used for everyday office/operational supplies.
  • University Wellness reserves the right to pause mini-grant applications if there is a change in funding.

Funding Exclusions*

  • Non-specific gift cards (i.e. general Amazon gift cards)
  • Cash award
  • Food for meetings
  • Incentives for weight loss challenges or other types of programs that promote unhealthy behaviors

*Exclusions are subject to change

Funding Chart

Number of Employees Max funding amount/year
Up to 25 $150
26-50 $250
51-75 $350
76-100 $450
>100 $550

Mini Grant Application

Mini Grant Guidelines-Printable Version

During a time when teams are not able to interact in-person, it is important to support employees’ well-being by continuing to provide social interactions and learning opportunities in other ways. University Wellness can provide virtual interactive learning opportunities to small groups/teams that will focus on healthy lifestyle behavior strategies as well as an opportunity for your team to interact outside of normal work duties. Topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Stress Less
  • Seeds of Self-Care
  • Pockets of Healthy Habits
  • Virtual Grocery Store Tour
  • A Good Night's Sleep

In challenging times, supporting employees’ well-being should stay in focus.  Request this service by emailing

University Wellness is committed to helping our employees maintain their well-being. We provide short term virtual health coaching sessions to all UToledo faculty and staff, at no charge.  These virtual sessions are designed to offer participants short term strategies to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that can assist in challenging times. Our health coaches can discuss things such as simple healthy eating tips, stress management techniques, exercise ideas, emotional well-being support, connection to appropriate resources and accountability support.

Request this service by emailing

Bio Telcare Complimentary Diabetic Meter and Test Strip Program

University of Toledo Pharmacies and Benefits are highlighting a new program available this year in partnership with CerpassRx and Telcare.  The BioTelcare Complimentary Diabetic Meter and Test Strip Program has many advantages over current products.  For more details, including eligibility and enrollment requirements, please visit UToledo Pharmacies website.

Individualized Appointments 

Complimentary individualized appointments are available to all faculty, staff and dependents.  A trained pharmacist can answer your personalized questions about your medications or disease states.  To take advantage of this benefit, call your preferred UToledo Pharmacy or 419-383-1591.

This Healthy Workday Guide elevates UToledo's mission to improve the human condition by providing realistic support for faculty and staff. This guide provides you with tools that can be used throughout the workday to make beneficial changes for your well-being. Start today by identifying at least one action you can adopt.

Download Healthy Workday Guide

Last Updated: 5/21/24