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Empowering Health

Adopt healthy behaviors by participating in an employee wellness program.


Well-Being Tip

Keep yourself mentally healthy: It is normal to feel some level of concern or anxiety in this situation. Think about ways you have dealt with anxiety or stress in the past and be open to exploring some new strategies.  For example, you might talk to a friend or family member, use mindfulness or meditation, read a book, watch an uplifting movie, get some exercise or work in your garden as the temperatures rise. You might find one of these apps helpful: 

- Simple Habit
- Breath & Relax
- Calm
- Insight Timer

A number of resources can be found on the ADAA website:


  • During a time when teams are not able to interact in-person, it is important to support employees’ well-being by continuing to provide social interactions and learning opportunities in other ways. Rocket Wellness can provide virtual interactive learning opportunities to small groups/teams that will focus on healthy lifestyle behavior strategies as well as an opportunity for your team to interact outside of normal work duties. Topics include, but are not limited to: 

    • Stress Less
    • Seeds of Self-Care
    • Pockets of Healthy Habits
    • Virtual Grocery Store Tour
    • A Good Night's Sleep
    In challenging times, supporting employees’ well-being should stay in focus.  Request this service by emailing


Rocket Wellness is committed to helping our employees maintain their well-being during this unprecedented time.  We are providing short term virtual health coaching sessions to all UToledo faculty and staff, at no charge.  These virtual sessions are designed to offer participants short term strategies to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that can assist in challenging times. Our health coaches can discuss things such as simple healthy eating tips, stress management techniques, at home exercise ideas, emotional well-being support, connection to appropriate resources and accountability support. Request this service by emailing



  • Bio Telcare Complimentary Diabetic Meter and Test Strip Program
    University of Toledo Pharmacies and Benefits are highlighting a new program available this year in partnership with CerpassRx and Telcare.  The BioTelcare Complimentary Diabetic Meter and Test Strip Program has many advantages over current products.  For more details, including eligibility and enrollment requirements, please visit UToledo Pharmacies website.

  • Individualized Appointments 
    Complimentary individualized appointments are available to all faculty, staff and dependents.  A trained pharmacist can answer your personalized questions about your medications or disease states.  To take advantage of this benefit, call your preferred UToledo Pharmacy or 419-383-1591.


  • This free service to departments will provide wellness assistance such as: planning services and resource guidance. The Healthy U team will work within the university to establish programming needs and serve in a consultative role to ensure that divisions, departments and business unit’s wellness and well-being programs are in alignment with institutional policies and/or accreditation needs. Involvement will vary based on individual requests.







Last Updated: 9/16/21