Rocket Wellness

Improving your well-being

Rocket Health is the new University campus health services model designed to provide students, faculty and staff with comprehensive and integrated health and wellness services. This new model, centralizes all campus clinical, mental health/counseling and wellness services to ensure coordination and adequate support for all members of the campus community.

University Wellness is part of Rocket Health and is dedicated to providing wellness programs and resources for faculty, staff and students. The employee wellness program, formerly known as Healthy U, is now part of University Wellness and the name Healthy U has been retired.

Step 1 - All UToledo employees are automatically eligible to participate

Step 2- Sign up for the Rocket Health mailing list to stay on top of programs, services and resources

Step 3 - Complete an annual physical with your health care provider

Step 4 - Complete the Health Risk Assessment 

Step 5 - Start participating in wellness programs and a healthy lifestyle



Last Updated: 5/21/24