Office of New Student Orientation Programs

Placement Tests

Why are placement tests important?

Placement tests and ACT (or SAT) scores are used by our departments to place you into the correct math, chemistry, and foreign language courses. Therefore, it is crucial to your academic success at UToledo that you take the placement tests very seriously and complete them on your own. Review the subject(s) in which you need placement tests prior to taking them.

how do i access the placement tests?

You can access the math and chemistry placement tests online by selecting your admitted college (below), which will link to the test page. 

Which placement tests do I need to take?

Each college has placement test requirements based on your major. Click on your ADMITTED college* to determine which placement tests you will need to complete.

*Transfer students are REQUIRED to contact their admitted college to determine what placement tests, if any, must be completed prior to orientation.

When should I take the placement tests?

You must take your math and chemistry placement tests BEFORE you attend orientation, ideally a week (or more) prior to your orientation session. There will not be time to complete placement tests on the day of orientation. Foreign language placement tests may be completed at a later time.

What if I have Advanced Placement (AP) Credit or other college coursework (College Credit Plus, dual credit, transfer coursework, etc.)?

If you have taken AP exams in high school, please inform your advisor PRIOR to orientation so they can plan the best class schedule. When you receive your AP test scores after your orientation, please contact your advisor to make any necessary adjustments to your schedule. Official AP scores will be sent to UToledo and we will inform you of the credits awarded, which will be posted to your UToledo transcripts.

If you have taken any college-level courses (including those taken during high school), please make sure to send official college transcripts to UT’s Admissions Office PRIOR to orientation.

What if I need testing accommodations?

Contact the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources at 419.530.4981 to make arrangements prior to the date of your placement test(s). Documentation will be required for placement test accommodations.

Last Updated: 7/15/24