University Policy

Respiratory Care

3364-136-01-01 Orientation
3364-136-01-02 Licensure and Education
3364-136-01-03 Ascom and Beeper Communication
3364-136-01-04 Work Responsibilities
3364-136-01-06 Home Care Evaluation
3364-136-01-08 Code Red Procedures
3364-136-01-09 Safety Procedures
3364-136-01-10 Code Yellow Procedures
3364-136-01-11 Patient ID and Verification
3364-136-01-14 General Supplies - Procurement and Storage
3364-136-01-15 Apneic Oxygenation Test
3364-136-01-17 Code Blue Cart Responsibility
3367-136-01-18 General Oxygen and Aerosol Equipment Assembly
3364-136-02-01 Oxygen Delivery Devices
3364-136-02-02 Medical Gas Regulating Devices
3364-136-02-03 Use and Storage of Cylinder Oxygen
3364-136-03-01 Preparation and Administration of Medications Used in Respiratory Care
3364-136-03-04 Patient Assessment
3364-136-03-05 Oxygen Weaning
3364-136-03-06 Physician Notification of Adverse Reactions or Abnormal Test Results
3364-136-03-07 Patient Response to Therapy
3364-136-03-08 Storage and Distribution of Respiratory Medications
3364-136-04-02 Use of Aerosols/Metered Dose Inhalers for the Delivery of Respiratory Medications
3364-136-04-04 Endo/Nasotracheal Suction
3364-136-04-06 Humidification of Inspired Medical Gasses
3364-136-04-07 Segmental Bronchial Drainage
3364-136-04-08 Helium Therapy
3364-136-04-09 MetaNeb™ Therapy
3364-136-04-10 EZ PAP Therapy
3364-136-04-11 CoughAssist Device
3364-136-04-12 RT Assess and Treat Protocol
3364-136-05-01 Adverse Reaction to Mechanical Ventilation
3364-136-06-01 Resp Care Infection Control
3364-136-07-01 Ventilator Management
3364-136-07-02 Use of Adult Puritan Bennett  840 & 980 Mechanical Ventilator
3364-136-07-03 Staffing of Mechanical Ventilators
3364-136-07-04 Staffing and Use of BiPAP and CPAP and NIV
3364-136-07-05 Extubation of Artificial Airways
3364-136-07-06 Manual Resuscitation Devices
3364-136-07-07 Nitric Oxide
3364-136-07-08 Neo-Tee T-Piece Resuscitator
3364-136-07-09 Ventilator Management Protocol
3364-136-08-01 Blood Sampling from Indwelling Systems
3364-136-08-02 Pulse Oximetry
3364-136-08-03 ETCO2 Monitoring
3364-136-08-06 Performing Arterial Punctures for Blood Gas Analysis
3364-136-PF-01 Testing Regimes
3364-136-PF-02 Symbols and Abbreviations
3364-136-PF-03 Ordering PF Tests
3364-136-PF-04 Calibrations and QC
3364-136-PF-05 Testing Procedures
3364-136-PF-06 Methacholine Test
3364-136-PF-07 Pentamidine Aerosol Administration
3364-136-CBGL-02 Proficiency Testing
3364-136-CBGL-03 Proficiency Test Protocol- Ungraded Exception Codes
3364-136-CBGL-04 Labeling Criteria
3364-136-CBGL-05 Rejection Criteria
3364-136-CBGL-06 Specimen Collection, Analysis, Integrity Quality Control/ Quality Management Program
3364-136-CBGL-07 Critical Limits and Turn Around Times
3364-136-CBGL-08 Delegation of Lab Duties
3364-136-CBGL-09 Outpatient Lab Procedure
3364-136-CBGL-10 Downtime Procedure
3364-136-CBGL-11 Blood Gas Laboratory Compliance with CAP Terms of Accreditation
CABG Fast Track Weaning Protocol
Surgical Critical Care Vent Weaning Protocol
Vent Weaning Trials Standard of Care
Last Updated: 8/14/23