University Policy

Sleep Disorders

3364-171-01-01          American Medical Association (AMA) medical code of ethics and availability
3364-171-01-02          Annual competencies
3364-171-01-03          Reporting of absences in the sleep disorders center
3364-171-01-04          Calibrations
3364-171-01-05          Guidelines for emergency situations when recording polysomnograms
3364-171-01-06          Inappropriate behavior in the sleep lab
3364-171-01-07          Data collection for sleep lab records
3364-171-01-08          Delinquent interpretation time
3364-171-01-09          Mandatory continuing education
3364-171-01-10          Medical director’s responsibilities for the sleep disorders center
3364-171-01-11          Patient safety risk analysis
3364-171-02-01          Cardiac event scoring and printout
3364-171-02-02          Movement scoring
3364-171-02-03          Respiratory scoring
3364-171-02-04          Arousal scoring
3364-171-03-01          Expanded electroencephalogram (EEG) and upper limb EMG
3364-171-03-02          Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) Using Philips Respironics Alice NightOne
3364-171-03-03          Maintenance of wakefulness test
3364-171-03-04          Multiple sleep latency test
3364-171-03-06          Polysomnography procedure
3364-171-03-07          Split-night studies
3364-171-03-08          Bruxism study
3364-171-03-09          Rhythmic movement disorder study
3364-171-04-01          Direct referrals to the sleep lab
3364-171-04-02          Patient acceptance
3364-171-04-03          Patient management in-lab and home sleep apnea testing (HSAT)
3364-171-04-04          Rescheduling of patients due to infectious processes
3364-171-04-05          Scheduling of sleep studies
3364-171-04-06          Patients with special needs
3364-171-05-01          Inter-scorer Reliability (ISR) quality assurance
3364-171-05-02          Sleep lab quality assurance program
3364-171-06-01          Cleaning of equipment and preventative maintenance in the sleep center
3364-171-07-01          Clinical guidelines for Adaptive Servoventilation (ASV) Titration Procedure
3364-171-07-02          Clinical guidelines for manual titration of positive airway pressure using bi-level volume assured pressure support
3364-171-07-03          Clinical guidelines for manual titration of positive airway pressure using bilevel spontaneous timed (BPAP-ST)
3364-171-07-04          Clinical guidelines for manual titration of positive airway pressure using bilevel
3364-171-07-06          Clinical guidelines for manual titration of continuous positive airway pressure
3364-171-07-07          Oxygen administration
3364-171-07-08          Clinical guidelines for titration of hypoglossal nerve stimulation device

Last Updated: 8/21/23