Technology Transfer

Ohio IP Promise

We welcome your interest in The University of Toledo’s technologies and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

In support of the University’s mission to improve the human condition by making available the benefits of its discoveries conceived and developed on campus, the University is committed to transferring technology to the commercial sector and employs a team with a proven track record in the protection and transfer of intellectual property to the commercial sector.

Technology Transfer and Commercialization

Technology transfer is the process of transferring discoveries or innovations derived from University research into products and services that benefit mankind. The identification of a novel technology is only the beginning of the commercialization process. Commercialization may entail further development, regulatory approvals, sales and marketing support, training and other activities.  

Working Together

The transfer of technology to the commercial sector is normally done via a license agreement between a company and the University. For a complete list of the University’s licensable technologies, visit the UToledo Available Technologies webpage. Additional information can be provided upon request, but keep in mind that a confidentiality agreement may be required in order to view any confidential materials for inventions that have not been publicly disclosed.

Depending on your needs, a number of different arrangements are available. License agreements, material transfer agreements, and option agreements are some of the mechanisms utilized for transferring rights to the University’s technology. If the University does not currently have a licensable technology solution available that meets your needs, you may want to work with us to identify a faculty member to perform research on the topic through a Sponsored Research Agreement. The University’s sponsored research agreement includes terms that provide access to any intellectual property that results from a particular research project. The University is willing to offer sponsors either a non-exclusive royalty free license for research in a specific field or an option to negotiate a license from the University.   

Overview of Licensing

The University’s licensing process is designed to transfer commercial benefit to industry while providing a reasonable financial return to the University to recoup research expenditures and provide incentive for continued research. While most agreements contain simple, standardized components, we are always willing to work with you to provide specific modifications to suit your needs and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Template Agreements

Below are several of the University’s template agreements that were generated to expedite the process of engaging the University through licensing or sponsored research. 

Interested in working with The University of Toledo? Please contact Stephen Snider, Associate Vice President of Technology Transfer.  

Last Updated: 9/29/22