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Entrepreneur Starter Kit

The Entrepreneur Starter Kit was created to help business owners, startup members, and innovators to make the most of their ideas. Rocket Innovations want to help your endeavor succeed.

Below you'll find a list of resources designed to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your concepts or ideas, as well as utilize resources offered by the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, The University of Toledo, and Rocket Innovations. 

Please start with all the initial videos, and then the first reading assignment. Once you have completed this short assignment, go to the Business Model Canvas (BMC), and fill in the boxes titled Customer Segments and Value Proposition.

If you are like most others, you will not get them right. Make sure you follow the directions from the videos and the first reading assignment. When done correctly in the BMC, you will have an initial view of the value you will deliver, and the customer will benefit.    

 After this assignment is complete, connect with me so we can continue to work together to move your project forward in a step-by-step manner.

Resource List
  • Business Model Canvas - Business Model Canvas is a breakdown of several key elements about your business, or intended venture, and how it plans to make money.

  • Business Model Canvas Video Series -  Take a minute to watch the lecture series to get in-depth knowledge about the pieces of the Business Model Canvas.

  • ReferenceUSA - ReferenceUSA is an Infogroup company that provides library patrons access to extremely accurate and complete business and consumer data. Visit the page to learn how to use the platform to benefit your venture or business. 

  • Customer Interview Setup -  The knowledge you gain in your customer discovery journey is critical. Learn the proper way to schedule your customer meeting. 
  • How To Schedule A Customer Meeting -  The assumptions you have about your target audience could be wrong or need to be modified before someone is ready to buy from you. To gain this knowledge, you must talk to enough of the right people to help ensure that you've collected the correct information. 

  • Team Building Contract and Handbook - Research shows that by working together in small teams, you can develop critical thinking skills, exchange knowledge, share expertise, increase motivation, and improve their attitudes toward learning. Take advantage of tools and tips to establish and improve how this process works, and a framework and process to make this a successful cooperative learning experience.

If you have any questions or are looking for additional information or resources, contact us here. 

Last Updated: 6/27/22