Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

Why do we have a Code of Conduct?

It is the responsibility of a university to be concerned with the overall development of its students. The primary responsibility—intellectual development—is fulfilled in the classroom by the sharing of academic knowledge. Another responsibility held by a university is being concerned with the personal and social development of its students so that it may assist them in becoming mature, responsible adults. Establishing and maintaining standards of student conduct is one of the means through which this latter responsibility is fulfilled. There is a strong relationship between the educational purpose of The University of Toledo and the focus of student conduct on treating behavioral problems.

The Student Code of Conduct and the conduct process are part of the overall education of the student. As a community, the University is a place where students must accept their obligations to the group. At the same time, the University has an obligation to its community members to conduct its affairs effectively and efficiently. Actions by individuals or groups that interfere with the orderly functions of the University or actions that endanger the health or safety of members of the University community will not be tolerated.


Student Conduct Process Flowchart


Last Updated: 8/21/23