Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center is the primary university-based mental health service for University of Toledo students. 

Diversity Statement

We, the members of the University of Toledo Counseling Center (UTCC), join the rest of the Toledo community in expressing our grief, sorrow and compassion to all those who have been impacted by the race-based tragedies that have been occurring across our nation. We now know that it is not enough to make statements of support. It has been proven that there are barriers to well-being regarding mental health when experiencing inequity and hatred. UTCC is committed to affirming and providing care for all of our students who have been directly or vicariously impacted by trauma caused by racism, bigotry, prejudice and indifference. We are Empowering Hope and here to help. Click here to sign up for the Students of Color support group, call 419-530-2426 to schedule an individual appointment, or visit this link for more resources.


Due to COVID-19, the Counseling Center is suspending in person appointments in accordance with updated guidelines set forth by the University.


We will be conducting phone and virtual support services to currently enrolled students during this time. I f you were previously scheduled for an in person appointment expect a phone call or email with updated information about your appointment.
We encourage students to follow our social media and be on the lookout for new updates to our website in the near future. The UTCC can be reached at (419) 530-2426.  Be Well Rockets!

The Counseling Center is the University's primary facility for personal counseling, psychotherapy, and psychological outreach and consultation services. To find out more information about the University Counseling Center, click on the First Steps icon.

  • Screenings
  • Individual, couples, and group counseling, and psychotherapy
  • Psychoeducational workshops
  • Consultation with students, faculty/staff, and parents
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Online Screenings

Group counseling is an excellent benefit to students, allowing them to receive treatment from professionals while at the same time receiving support from peers dealing with similar issues.  Groups are subject to change depending on the need of the students.  If you would like to learn more about what groups are currently offered, or sign up to participate in one of these groups, please call the University Counseling Center at (419) 530-2426 or visit us at the University Health Center at 1735 West Rocket Drive.

Our therapists adhere to their respective board's ethical standards which can be found at:
Ohio Board of Psychology
Ohio Counselor Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Board

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Last Updated: 4/14/21