Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

Educational Sanctions

Students found responsible for violating The University Student Code of Conduct will receive sanction(s). Sanction(s) are designed to educate the Respondent on community expectations regarding appropriate behavior and protect the UToledo Community and its members. Sanction(s) also help the Respondent repair the harm they may have caused to the Complainant and the UToledo Community.

When sanctioning a Respondent, the assigned Hearing Authority will consider the following:

  • Statements and information presented at the review/hearing;
  • Seriousness of the violation;
  • How the behavior impacted the Complainant and the community;
  • The Respondent's prior conduct history;
  • The Respondent's intent and motivation;
  • Conduct precedent (how the University has handled same/similar violation(s); and
  • Credibility of the Respondent, Complainant, and Witnesses.

Respondents may receive one or more of the following sanction(s) if found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct (explanations of these sanction(s) can be found in the University Student Code of Conduct):

  • Written Warning
  • Conduct Probation Without Restrictions
  • Conduct Probation With Restrictions
  • Conduct Suspension
  • Conduct Expulsion
  • Restriction of Privileges
  • Suspension of Student Group/Organizational Recognition
  • Expulsion of Student Group/Organization Recognition
  • Residence Hall Transfer 
  • Residence Life Suspension
  • Residence Life Expulsion
  • Educational Action (i.e. Educational Seminars, Reflection Paper, Apology Letter, Etc...)
  • Administrative Fee(s)/Fine(s)
  • Restitution
  • No Contact Directive
  • Revocation of Admission and/or Degree
  • Withholding Degree

Student Conduct Sanction Guide - This document provides a framework of Educational Sanction(s) a Respondent may receive if found responsible for the listed violation. 

Last Updated: 6/27/22