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Seeking Board Members

The University Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (OSC&CS) is seeking Student (Undergraduate and Graduate), Staff, and Faculty applicants for the University Conduct Board. We are also seeking Staff and Faculty Applicants for the Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Boards.

Student(s), Student Group(s), and/or Student Organization(s) may select the University Conduct Board or, in Sexual Misconduct Cases, the Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Board to adjudicate their alleged violation(s).


Board Makeup

The University Conduct Board (UCB) is comprised of UToledo Students, Staff, and Faculty, and is responsible for resolving allegations of non-academic student misconduct. 

The Title IX Board (T9B)/ Sexual Misconduct Board (SMB) is comprised of UToledo Staff and Faculty and is responsible for resolving allegations of sexual misconduct.  

UCB, T9B, and SMB members play an integral role in educating students about their rights and responsibilities as members of the UToledo community and upholding community behavioral standards as outlined in The University Student Code of Conduct. The composition of these Hearing Boards must be representative of our diverse campus community.


Benefits of Serving

Benefits of serving in one of these capacities include the following:

  • Improved communication, critical thinking, and conflict resolution skills,
  • Opportunity to work with a diverse group of UToledo Community Members,
  • Insight into important UToledo processes and resources,
  • Experience in a professional environment,
  • Specialized training regarding Student Conduct and Title IX, and
  • Service opportunity for UToledo Students and Tenure Track Faculty.


Board Expectations

Board Members are expected to do the following:

  • Uphold the University’s community standards as defined by The University Student Code of Conduct;
  • Honor the principles of student accountability, confidentiality, and objectivity;
  • Share in the task of making challenging and difficult decisions that support the ethical and behavioral standards of the UToledo community;
  • Set aside personal and/or organizational perspective in order to establish accountability and maintain community standards; and
  • Attend all required training sessions.


Time Commitment

  • Members of the UCB/T9B/SMB are asked to commit to serving/advising at 3 to 5 hearings per year.
  • Board Members are utilized as needed.
  • Hearings may last approximately 4 hours and will occur between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday unless special circumstances exist.
  • Training for these roles typically occurs in Spring and Summer.

Are you interested in serving the UToledo Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards in this capacity?



If you have questions, please contact The University Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards by calling 419.530.1258 or emailing

Last Updated: 5/8/23