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The 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of a student's educational record. FERPA applies to all educational institutions receiving funds from the United States Department of Education from kindergarten through university level. Under FERPA, the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (OSC&CS) may not share the contents of a student's Student Conduct File with anyone other than the student without written consent to do so. Exceptions to FERPA include a health and/or safety emergency or an educational need to know.

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards FERPA Release of Information Form must be completed prior to the office releasing the information. A student can also provide the office with a release from another office/agency. Student Conduct information will become a part of the respondent and complainant's (if appropriate) educational records per FERPA. Conduct sanctions, with the exception of Expulsion (Conduct and Residence Hall), Suspension (Conduct and Residence Hall), or revocation of admissions/degree will be removed from the record seven (7) years from the year in which the violation occurred.  Complete the FERPA Release of Information Form.

OSC&CS is responsible for maintaining the record(s). Cases involving student groups/organizations are not considered confidential under FERPA. As a result, OSC&CS does not protect the confidentiality of the student conduct records regarding the conduct of student groups/organizations.

If a College, University, or Employer requires a check of your UToledo Student Conduct History, please provide the applicable form to OSC&CS either in person or via e-mail. Please allow the office five (5) business days to process the form. OSC&CS will complete the form, and send it to the appropriate office/personnel. 

Individuals who wish to obtain a vopy of a UToledo Police Incident or Accident report may do so. Request a copy of a policy report by completing University Police Report Request Form.
The report will be e-mailed unless requested otherwise. For more information, please see the University Police Report Request Page


Hazing Reports 2017—2021

Pi Kappa Alpha

Incident Date: April 7, 2017
Resolution Date: April 18, 2017
Summary: New members were asked to run to various locations on campus at 1:00 am in the rain while reciting the Greek alphabet, chapter letters, and other chapter songs.
Charges: Responsible for 09. Hazing
Sanctions: Conduct Probation for one year, Restorative Action Plan, Administrative Fee of $25

Pershing Rifles Company

Incident Date: April 12, 2017
Resolution Date: May 25, 2017
Summary: Candidates were made to participate in a late night physical training exercise, a scavenger hunt, and a late night final training event.
Charges: Responsible for 09. Hazing
Sanctions: Conduct suspension for 7 months, Conduct probation for one year following the suspension, Restorative Action Plan, Administrative Fee of $25

Kappa Delta Sorority

Incident Date: October 26, 2018
Resolution Date: February 26, 2019
Summary: New members were encouraged by older members to drink alcohol at a Big/Little Event.
Charges: Responsible for (E)(5) Hazing, (E)(9)(a) Underage possession/consumption of alcoholic beverages, (E)(9)(c) Distribution/sale of alcoholic beverages to any person before their 21st birthday, (E)(9)(e) Hosting/participating in activity that promotes mass consumption of alcohol
Sanctions: Social Probation for 15 months, AlcoholEdu for Sanctions, Expectations Meeting, Restorative Action Plan, Philanthropic Event, Seminar, Administrative Fee of $25, Fine of $100

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