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The Top Questions to Ask Your Students

Are you going to class?
Skipping class is the #1 reason why students fail.

Are you studying at least 25 hrs per week?
College is a full time job.
You should be in class, studying, doing homework 40 hrs per week.

Are you reviewing the material for each class weekly?
Review all material each week then preparing for an exam is easier.

Are you scheduling your “goof-off” time?
Everyone needs down time but students need to learn to manage their “goof-off” time.

Do you know when the last day to Withdraw is?
After this date you cannot withdraw from a class.

Are you starting your assignments early?
The Unexpected happens…you get sick, your computer dies.
Start assignments with plenty of time for the UNEXPECTED.

Have you seen your adviser?
Students need to meet with an advisor (usually in October) to plan for next semester.

Have you gone to your professor’s office hours?
Professors like to help students. Do not hesitate to visit the professor during office hours.
Check syllabus for office information.

Are you going to tutoring?
UT’s Learning Enhancement Center offers tutoring in math, science, business, foreign
language, study strategies and more. Online tutoring is also an option.

Have you formed a study group?
Studying complex material is more efficient with a study group.
Have you checked your ROCKET email lately?
Important information is sent to students through their official UT email.

Last Updated: 1/7/21