Office of Residence Life

Holistic Wellness Living Learning Community

Improving the Human Condition Begins Here

The Holistic Wellness Living Learning Community (HWLLC), located in Parks Tower, is an opportunity open to all students committed to living life well-balanced.  As a member of the HWLLC, you will enhance your knowledge of and create your own definition of personal wellness. The community is nurtured through interactive programming, and interaction with students, faculty and staff members. Engaging, fun team building programs with the support of a HWLLC mentor will help you focus on positive health behavior change.

Why should I live in the HWLLC?

  • Live in a community supporting living a healthy, well-balanced life. 
  • Develop friendships in an inclusive and accepting environment to encourage academic success.
  • Participate in programming created exclusively for HWLLC residents such as meditation sessions, fitness classes, career counseling, access to dietitians & personal trainers, and more!
  • Be a member of a supportive network of people with similar goals and interests.
  • Give back to the community by volunteering.
  • Build leadership skills to help you grow and advance in any field.

HWLLLC Requirements

  • Participate in HWLLC sponsored programs exploring the 8 dimensions of wellness.
  • Commit to being alcohol and substance free,
  • Live in Parks Tower, a traditional style residence hall.

What are the 8 Dimensions of Wellness?

  • Physical–Maintenance of a healthy body through good nutrition, regular exercise and avoidance of harmful habits.
  • Intellectual–Openness to new concepts and ideas.
  • Emotional–Awareness and acceptance of feelings and emotions.
  • Social–Ability to perform social roles effectively, comfortably and without harming others.
  • Spiritual–Meaning and purpose of human existence.
  • Vocational/Occupational–Ability to enjoy a chosen career and/or contribute to society through volunteer activities.
  • Environmental–Recognition of interdependence with nature.
  • Financial–Having control of your current finances and planning for the future.

How to Apply

  • To register for the Holistic Wellness Living Learning community, please preference this community in your housing application.
  • If you've preferenced this community, you will be able to choose a space within the HWLLC when you select your room. If you apply for housing after the priority room selection dates (Feb. 23 for returners, April 1 for new students), Residence Life will assign you to a room within the community.
Last Updated: 3/11/24