Office of Residence Life

University Housing Contract Cancellation

A signed University Housing contract begins the first day of the semester or when a student checks in.  There are instances in which the University might grant a contract cancellation for students in an active contract with The University of Toledo.  You may request a contract cancellation by following the steps below.  Submitting a request and review by a committee does not guarantee a approval of the contract cancellation request.  The application should be filled out thoroughly and include any documentation to support your cancellation request.

The application consists of three pages, and includes an option to upload any required or supporting documents.  Please be thorough with the documents you submit as they will influence the decision of the review committee.  Once the application is complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

McComas Village Residents must complete the Greek signature page located on the housing forms page.

Your request will be reviewed by a committee comprised of a representative from each the following offices:

  • Admissions
  • Residence Life
  • Financial Aid
  • Special Accounts and Financial Wellness
  • International Student Admissions
  • Greek Advisor for McComas Village residents

Students can expect to receive a communication through their official University e-mail account with the committee's decision, or a request for additional documentation, within ten business days (some cases may take longer depending on number of outstanding cases or complexity of information that has to be reviewed).  All committee decisions are final.

To complete a cancellation click here.


Can someone complete the application for meNo, each application is created through our housing portal for the student so they must log in to complete it. This enables the student's application to be connected to their student record for the committee to review and it authenticates the application with an electronic signature.

Does this process include my meal plan?  No,  this request is for release from your room/University Housing contract only. Request for meal plan changes or cancellations must be made online through the MyUT portal.

Are there additional fees to cancellation my housing?  If your housing contract cancellation request is approved, you will be responsible for room and board charges up until the time of check-out and if applicable, and a $100 non-negotiable cancellation fee may be assessed. You must check out of your residence hall by the move out date indicated in your decision email.  If your housing contract cancellation request is denied AND you move off campus, you will be responsible for 100% of your room and board charges for the remainder of your housing contract.

The committee denied my request for contract cancellation.  Is there an appeal process?  If there is additional information that should be taken into consideration, you can appeal the decision by emailing an updated personal statement and additional documentation to .Upon receiving your documentation, a Senior Staff member will be assigned to review your appeal.

My request was approved.  What happens next?  You will have 48 hours to check out of your residence hall rooms.  Charges on your account will continue until your effective contract release date, if approved, which will be the date you officially check out of the residential facility, complete the necessary check-out forms, and turn in your key(s),or the date we approve your Request for Contract Release, whichever is the later.

Last Updated: 2/6/23