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Background Check Process 

Welcome to Rocket Kids! We are excited to have you as part of our team interning for U.S. Army Europe Child and Youth Services.  As you may know, there is an extensive background check process to grant access to the military installations and to ensure suitability to work with children and youth. The following information and links will guide you through the background check process.

Overview of Items to Submit

Prescreening with Rocket Kids

  • Submit Application Step #1
  • Interview with Rocket Kids  
  • 2 Reference Checks:  Links were in Application Step #1.

Documents to Complete

  • DD Form 2981  
  • DA 5018-R ASAP/ADAPCP consent form  
  • OF 306 
  • IMCOM Form 29
  • Proof of citizenship: U.S. Birth Certificate or U.S. Passport 

Federal and State Fingerprint Requirements

  • Two (2) FD 258 Fingerprint Cards 
  • Fingerprint requirements for each state of residence in the last 5 years 

Online, Time Sensitive Document

  • Complete eQip form within 48 hours of receiving an email from PSI CoE.  


Detailed Information About Each Section

Prescreening with Rocket Kids

Watch the Overview and Prescreening Video.

  • Submit Application Step #1
    The information submitted in Application Step #1 will be used to prescreen each applicant. Rocket Kids will review the application, biographical information and eligibility requirements to ensure that each applicant meets the minimum requirements of the U.S. Army Child and Youth Services background check process.
  • Interview with Rocket Kids
    Rocket Kids will conduct an interview (in-person or video chat) with each applicant to the Rocket Kids program. This interview is part of the acceptance process into the program.
  • Two (2) Reference Checks: Links provided in Application Step #1
    It is your responsibility to ensure that your two references have submitted their reference form. Please remember that at least one reference must be a former/current employer, others could be a professional volunteer or school reference. References should not come from relatives.

Documents to Complete

  • DD Form 2981 Basic Criminal History and Statement of Admission
    This form is a self-disclosure and background check consent form. Applicants MUST report the following covered incidents, even if you did so on a previous consent and self-disclosure form, even if the incident was previously adjudicated, even if the incident was expunged, and/or even if you would not otherwise need to disclose them on employment applications or forms, as they may be identified in the background check process:
    • Apprehended, arrested, charged, convicted by Federal, State, or local authorities for any violation of any Federal (including the Uniform Code of Military Justice), State Law, County law, or Municipal law (omit traffic fines of less than $300).
    • Apprehended, arrested, charged or held by Federal, state, or Local Authorities for any crime or offense involving the following: Crime involving a child, sex crime, drug or alcohol offense, domestic violence, violent crime/assaultive behavior, or other crimes.
    • Aware of a current allegation/investigation of child abuse/neglect or domestic violence.
    • Involved in any act or received notification from the Family Advocacy Program of an incident that met Department of Defense criteria for child maltreatment or domestic abuse. Family Child Care and Emergency Placement Care- Providers will also report the same offenses for members in their household.

 Watch the "DoD Documents to Submit DD Form 2981" Tutorial.
3a. DD Form 2981_Additional Guidance_v21DEC21.docx  
DD 2981 Basic Criminal History and Statement of Admission (2021).pdf   


  • DA 5018-R ASAP/ADAPCP consent form
    By signing this form, you agree that any treatment information from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program can be released.

Watch the "DoD Documents to Submit DA 5018-R ASAP/ADAPCP" Tutorial.

4a. DA Form 5018-R instructions v11Sep2018.pdf

DA Form 5018-R v11 Sep 2018.pdf


  • OF 306
    This is the Declaration of Federal Employment, which is a fillable form, that should be completed electronically, printed, and signed. Date format should be MM/DD/YYYY. Do not abbreviate the year.

Watch the "OF 306" Tutorial.

9a. OF 306 Guide_Apr 22.pdf 
OF 306_Fillable_2019.pdf


  • IMCOM Form 29
    This worksheet asks for your place of residence for the past 5 years only. Please list all the places where you have lived for over 90 days. If less than 90 days, please list your permanent address. You must not leave any gaps in your residency dates from the last 5 years.

Watch the "IMCOM 29" Tutorial.

IMCOM WORKSHEET 29 v1 MAY22.pdf    

See the list of UToledo residences at the On Campus Mailing Addresses page.


  • Proof of Citizenship
    Provide a copy of any document on the list. Most commonly used are U.S. Birth Certificate or U.S. Passport.

Watch the IMCOM 31 tutorial.

IMCOM 31_Citizenship v.11 Oct 17.pdf  



Federal and State Fingerprint Requirements

Watch the Federal and State Fingerprinting Requirements tutorial. 

(See individual state requirements.) 

  • Two (2) FD 258 Fingerprint Cards
    These prints can be scanned electronically and printed on the card or rolled with ink. Cards are available from the Rocket Kids office or at your local police department. Be sure it is an FD 258 card! NOTE: DO NOT USE THE SF-87 FINGERPRINT CARD.
  • Fingerprint requirements for each state of residence in the last 5 years.  
    There are 5 possible requirements for each state:
    -Hardcopy FD-258 Fingerprint Card
    -State Fingerprint Card
    -State Request Form
    -Copy of a Photo ID
    -OPM General Release Signature Form
  • Once you have completed all of the fingerprinting requirements, you will give them to Sara Clark at the Rocket Kids office.

Example to Illustrate the Fingerprinting Process.

In the last FIVE YEARS, John Smith has lived in the following states: 

  • Ohio 
  • Illinois 
  • Texas 

Based on the state requirements, John will need the following completed prior to submission of a background check request: 

FBI Fingerprint Requirement:

  • 2 FD-258 fingerprint cards (1 required + 1 extra) 

Ohio requirements:

  • 2 Ohio State Fingerprint Cards (1 required + 1 extra)
  • Ohio Request Form

Illinois Requirements: 

  • 2 Illinois State Fingerprint Cards (1 required + 1 extra) 
  • OPM General Release Form 

Texas Requirements:

  •  2 FD-258 Fingerprint Cards (1 required + 1 extra)
  • Texas Consent and Authorization to Retain Fingerprints 

When John has completed this process, he will give the cards/paperwork to Sara Clark in the Rocket Kids office. 

Online Time Sensitive Document

Complete eQip form within 48 hours of receiving an email from PSI CoE. 

Watch the Online eQip tutorial.

Participants will receive an email with instructions to log in and complete a form in eQip. There is a strict time limit of 48 hours to complete this task or the form will be canceled.  Once the form is initiated you cannot save the information online. It is recommended to complete the hard copy SF85 (emailed to you)  first and then copy the information into the online form. 



You've submitted all the required documents.  What are the next steps? 

Watch the Results Tutorial.

Within 90 days, we will receive results indicating that you can work out of Line of Site Supervision (LOSS) with the children and youth in Army Europe.  LOSS is continuous visual observation and supervision of an individual whose investigation has not yet cleared, and has a favorable interim suitability or fitness determination, while engaged in child interactive duties, or in the presence of children in a DoD-sanctioned program or activity. 

If your background check is returned with any sort of derogatory information, it will be up to our contract partner to attempt to adjudicate your background check or terminate your eligibility. 

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State Background Check Requirements

If you require additional information or have questions about background checks, please email Dr. Kasee Chiusano.

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Last Updated: 2/13/23