Office of Residence Life

On Campus Mailing Addresses

Mail to students living on campus should be addressed as follows:

Student Name
Residence Hall Name, Room #
Residence Hall Street Address
Toledo, OH 43606 (+ 4 DIGI T code)

Residence Hall Names and Street Addresses
International House 1730 West Rocket Dr. 43606-8806
MacKinnon Hall 2070 Campus Dr. 43606-3324
McComas Village 2940-3130 Village Loop 43606-3327*
Ottawa House West 1600 West Rocket Dr. 43606-8805
Ottawa House East 3030 Residence Dr. 43606-8803
Parks Tower 3025 South Glass Bowl Dr. 43606-8800
Presidents Hall 3045 Residence Dr. 43606-8804
Scott Hall 2130 Campus Drive 43606-3307
Tucker Hall 2120 Campus Drive 43606-3307

* All Village Loop: A1-2940, A2-2950, B1-2960, B2-2970, C1-3000, C2-3010, D1-3020, D2-3030, E1-3050, E2-3060, F1-3100, F2-3110, G1-3120, G2-3130

Last Updated: 3/28/24