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How to Obtain my Textbooks?


You have to multiple options to purchase textbooks to meet their educational needs.


Some classes have inclusive access course materials. Typically, these materials will be digital. The cost of the course materials is automatically added to the student's tuition and fees. (These fees are listed on the student account as "Inclusive Access fee"). It is not guaranteed that all classes will have inclusive course materials.

If the student does not see an inclusive access fee assessed on their account, then the student is responsible to purchase textbooks and course materials separately.

Learn more about Inclusive Access here.


Students can purchase course materials through the Barnes & Noble bookstore (located at the corner of Dorr and Secor). Look up the course material associated with each class via the UToledo Barnes & Noble website here. Be sure to insert class and section number information into the website to obtain detailed info about textbooks and materials.
Use the following tips to when purchasing materials:

  • Note if course materials are available as a rental, e-book, and/or new purchase.
  • Observe that there might be required and recommended course materials. Students should consider if learning will be maximized using the optional "recommended" course materials.
  • Course materials may also include an access code which is a code that will give the student access to extra content, assignments, modules, etc. DO NOT SKIP THE CODE IF ITS PART OF A REQUIRED PACKAGE. It is easy to fall behind rapidly in a course without an access code. The instructions included with the access code will direct the student to a website and steps to sign in or utilize your code. Expect instructors to discuss access codes further the first week(s) as well.

UToledo Barnes & Noble website


Sometimes books and resources are available for checkout via the campus library system. Use the ISBN number of the course materials (found through campus bookstore's website) to search for textbooks in Carlson Library's electronic resources or search other websites outside of the University of Toledo to determine the availability of course materials.

Carlson Library's electronic resources


OhioLink is a database that connects all universities and colleges in Ohio. If a student searches UToledo's library without much luck, it is worth checking out OhioLink.

Some materials might be available electronically, while others might be delivered for check-out at Carlson Library on Main Campus or Mulford Library on the Health Campus, depending on which location the student selects as a preference.
Use these extra tips when exploring OhioLink:

  •  Search early! Materials might be reserved rapidly.
  •  Renew items when possible, especially if it is a book required all semester long.
  •  Be mindful of due dates, as OhioLink does charge overdue fines.
  •  The student will be required to use their Rocket ID to log into the system.

Access OhioLink here.


An instructor may also put course materials on reserve in a campus library. Course Reserves are materials that have been selected by the professor for free availability through the University Libraries. Materials on reserve may include:

  •  Copies of the textbook
  •  Textbook study guides
  •  Practice exams
  •  Supplemental readings (articles, book chapters, etc.)
  •  Films
  •  Style manuals

Some materials are available electronic format. Other materials such as books and DVDs can be checked out at the circulation desk for short loan periods. Be sure to review your course syllabus in case material is available via Course Reserves.

Learn more about Course Reserves here.


Last Updated: 1/30/24