Pre-Health Advising Center

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Baccalaureate 2 MD Pathway  (Bacc2MD)

BACC2MD is The University of Toledo's early medical school pathway, offered to high-metric high school students, providing them the opportunity for an early interview with The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences M.D. following their junior year at UToledo.

BACC2MD Pathway Admission Requirements for High School Students

UToledo offers the BACC2MD for any incoming direct from high school students who have:

  • at least a 3.8 HS GPA and 30 ACT or 1410 SAT, super scores not accepted 
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status in the U.S (permanent residency "green" card). If applying as a permanent resident, an applicant must have permanent resident status at the time the undergraduate application is submitted and will be required to submit a photocopy of the front and back of their permanent residency card.

Once admitted to UToledo, students will:

  • follow a normal pre-med academic plan
  • take the MCAT during their junior year
  • apply during the summer between their junior and senior year via the Early Assurance Pathway.

Students with at least a 3.7 higher education GPA (all college course work considered, not just UToledo), as well as a score in the 65th percentile or greater on MCAT are guaranteed an interview.

The Early Assurance Pathway allows students to apply directly to UToledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences (COMLS)  via a supplemental application for their early interview in late spring/early summer before they begin their final year of undergrad. Students are also allowed to apply via the AMCAS or AACOMAS applications to other schools in the summer before they start their final year of undergrad. Students who meet the criteria will receive their decision from the COMLS by Oct. 1 of senior/final year of undergrad.

* new admission requirements effective fall 2024

Presidential Scholarship

Given the admission requirements that the BACC2MD Pathway applicants must meet, we strongly encourage all BACC2MD applicants to apply for the Presidential Scholarship. The Presidential Scholarship is the most prestigious undergraduate scholarship at The University of Toledo and offers full tuition, room and board.  Please see the Presidential Scholarship website for more information.


Meet Aditya Acharya

Class of 2026

"In the BACC2MD program, I was able to connect with faculty and seek out research endeavors and involvement on campus and in my community that would develop the skills required of a future healthcare professional. The Pre-Health Advising Center connected me to many invaluable opportunities, including mentoring with the Rocket2Rocket program, volunteering at the Simulation Center on the medical campus, and helping run the Rockets On-Call Pre-Health podcast.”


Meet Ambika Sood

Class of 2025

“I was able to pursue my passions of working with underrepresented populations while I was a pre-medical student at UToledo. I worked with the Community Care Clinic, created a Pre-Health seminar series for students to learn about medical disparities, and worked with Toledo Public Schools. I was involved in clinical research at UTMC and became a scribe with Medical Scribing Solutions.”


Meet Jordan Jones

Class of 2024

"UToledo provided me with the enriching, challenging curriculum and support from faculty, staff and my fellow students to allow me to take my first steps into medical school confidently prepared. With ample avenues to serve and learn from the greater Toledo community as an undergraduate, I was ecstatic to continue at UToledo for medical school. The BACC2MD program was able to give me all that I was looking for and more in terms of enrichment and opportunity.”


Meet Taylor Shook

Class of 2023

Taylor is a first-generation medical student who participated in UToledo’s BACC2MD program. She was accepted into The University of Toledo College of Medicine during her junior year. Taylor gained valuable insights into how to successfully apply and excel in medical school through the BACC2MD program. She has nearly completed her training and is currently applying to residency programs in Diagnostic Radiology.


Last Updated: 5/21/24