Office of International Student Services



Pastor Paul Mattiesen and Jana Matthiesen with their international students
"Our family greatly enjoys each experience with the students. We look forward to the activities with them and the fun times together."
Family: Douglas and Doris Rath
One of Doris Rath's students is wearing a traditional St. Lucia wreath at Christmastime.
Shuang Ma - "I enjoy the time that I spend with my American family very much." (Second from left in photo)

Abdulaziz at the Harvest Party with the West Family  

Other refined activities!

Manil, Zijuan, Claudine, and Simon  at the Harvest Party with the Pettaway Family    Fun in the Snow!


First Time Sledding!

The Noblet Family with Viknish

The Werth Family with Vamar, Vinu, and Srilatha- celebrating Srilatha's Birthday  

Ifyou would like more information about meeting an international student, please give us a call at 530-4234 or 530-4229.

Last Updated: 6/30/19